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Linking Building.. Hmm how do you do it and why is it important?

The first important thing you have to do is RESEARCH.  Don’t go all link-crazy and try to get a link to your site from anyone you can.   Make sure the site you’re requesting a link from is a good fit.  This is also a good time to mention that adding yourself to a link farm or using other Black Hat tactics is a major no-no.  Not only can/will you get blacklisted from the search engines, but it’s a heck of a long process to get your URL removed from these sites.

Second, take the time to get a contact at the other website.  While it may be tempting to send an email to – it’s just not a hot idea. If you want someone to respond to you, sounding like a spammer is just about attractive as a stalker.  This may take a little more time, but persistence breaks resistance is what I say!

Finally, insert meaningful content into your message when requesting a link.  Why should they link to you?  Why would you want to link with them?  Don’t be pushy or condescending either.  If you’re linking with an “expert site” (SEO especially) explaining how link building or code insertion works is demeaning to the other website. This might be, however, helpful if you’re linking to other beginner bloggers or mom and pop sites. Again, KNOW your audience!

Below is an example of a link exchange email conversation:


Hi (removed), I’ve been following your blog for a couple months now and I love the content you put out. I try to leave comments on your blog whenever possible, and I noticed that you comment on nearly every one of my posts.. I have subscribed to your blog via Google Reader, but I was wondering if you would consider the possibility of exchanging links with me now that I’m a PR2 and your a PR3. Hope to hear from you soon… Thanks, (Removed)

Hope this helps

You heard it from Diva,

Good day!

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