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Be Accountable and Track Results!

Search engine marketing is an ongoing process especially in the automotive space. Markets and business models constantly evolve in order to keep up with new advertising techniques online. Although you should hold your interactive agency accountable for what they’re doing for your virtual dealership, but there has to be some accountability on your side as well. You should reserve some time each month for reading customer feedback, reading the market, viewing the competition, and creating or brainstorming new ideas with your agency to help spread your brand exposure.

You have to keep in mind that the web grows with or without you, so if you are stagnant, then you are falling behind.


So you finally want to blog?

For a couple years now Dealers have been apprehensive about starting a blog whether its because you don’t really know what to talk about, or maybe the fear of other people having the freedom to talk about your dealership and it being negative. Well now since they can do it anyway through social sites and reviews you might as well get involved and make this part of your social strategy.  So if you’re starting out here some tips to help you get your blog some exposure.

  • Add A Link – If it’s a company blog, or if it’s attached to another site, add a link to the blog from the main navigation on the parent website.
  • Create A Badge – On the main website, add a badge to the homepage, or sidebar, that promotes the the blog. Images are a good way to catch a visitors attention.
  • Email – Add a link to the blog in your email signature.
  • Newsletter – Announce the blog in the company newsletter.
  • Network – Announce the blog to your Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Linked in connections and any other social networks that you are apart of.
  • Press Release – If you feel that the blog is important enough to support a press release, put one out.
  • Submit – Submit the blog to blog & feed directories.
  • Share – Share your blog with co-workers, friends and others in your network. You never know when they might promote it for you.
  • Link – One way to get other bloggers to notice you is to link to them. Summarize someone else’s long blog post, expand upon someones shorter post, or just write your thoughts on a topic that someone else wrote about and link back to the original post.
  • Give Away – If it’s a product blog, run a promotion on the blog giving away one of your products. Sometimes the value that can come out of giving something away can be more beneficial than all the items above.
  • Guest Post – If there are other blogs in your industry, ask around and see if they’d allow you to guest post for them. In return, you’d get a link back to your blog in your profile, or post, on their site.
  • Ask – Tap into the social networks within the industry you’re trying to reach and ask them what they’re interested in. Here’s an example of a post that did just that on Twitter for this blog. Show interest in the interest of your audience and they’ll pay more attention and share your content.

Probably the best promotion tactic is to create good content, post often and share. The more content a blog has, the greater the footprint it has on the web in terms of pages to appear in search results and to link to from other blogs/web sites. Work on creating a posting schedule and according to resources and reader interest, try to get one to five posts out a week.

Happy Blogging!

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