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Twitter Presence Building

A medium like Twitter allows for unobtrusive frequency to be easy. So here are is a quick know how on why use it and how you can.

It would seem then that using Twitter as a primary communication tool to find and build relationships is a statement of human brand value. For instance, one might get the message:

* “I’m here because I’m open to meeting new people”
* “I enjoy talking with other humans and I want to do it often, even when I’m doing other things.”
* “I know that you are too busy for random 10 minute phone calls and respect that. I can talk with you in 14o characters or less when you have time to respond.”

Twitter is also a numbers game. The larger you build your presence (presence being thought of as a phone book, in this sense) the more you can leverage the nature of serendipity. Not every follower will end up as a true relationship, but if conversion of those relationships is a small percentage, than a larger presence will also equal a larger percentage.

From a small business lens, I believe presence building is absolutely essential. Why? As a small business owner, you have limited dollars and even more limits on your time. In that sense, building strong relationships through more frequent communication provides a competitive advantage in terms of finding opportunities (leveraging serendipity) and customer retention (building stronger lasting relationships).
Humans Marketing Channels and Theater of the Mind

Essentially, marketing creates leverage. In the traditional sense, marketing messages helped to position the product or service in the mind of the end consumer so that when the consumer finally hits the point of sale, whether it’s a check out counter, shopping cart or B2B account executive, they already want to buy you you sell.

But now things are much different. Communication tools have changed in such a way that we humans have an entire arsenal that allows individuals the ability to create the leverage that you once needed a department of people to accomplish.

Human marketers are artists at creating theater of the mind. This is the idea of using technology to create the illusion of being everywhere at once, and all the time. This type of visibility driven largely by using Twitter has helped to create a new breed of celebrities and heroes, fueled by both intellect and inherit charisma.

Visibility is also the sister of accessibility, which is very different from the celebrities of older media such as television and radio. Celebrities in those mediums are primarily exclusive and work hard to stay away from the commoners by using money and status as the barrier.

Yet, humans are delighted when someone they admire is accessible to them. Twitter, as a communication tool, provides that type of accessibility but also the convenience to make communication manageable. For instance, think about how many tweets your favorite blogger or author must get each day. I’m willing to bet that if you tweet them right now, they will probably respond, even if it’s only a few words and an emoticon. When these popular and busy folks do respond, how does that make you feel?

As mobile devices improve over time, so will our ability to master this type of communication illusion.



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