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Are Third Party Car Sites really in Your Favor

This time I’m a consumer that’s in the market to buy a car….. what an exciting time! It’s always nice when you’re looking because you want to, not because you have to! That’s a long story. So anyway to start my searching like many of you I will turn to a search engine. You may see sites such as Autotrader, and of course the manufacturer sites. These are all great to give you an idea of what car you want, but when at these thirda party sites you want to make sure that you several pages deep into their sites. Because unfortunately they are not intended to give the consumer a fair look at what is in the marketplace at the time. Meaning, dealers have to pay to be in the first three pages, so how fair is that for you? You don’t see everyone’s vehicles to the criteria you specify such as, Lowest to highest. BOOOO!
You’re best bet is to actually go to a dealer site and do your comparisons there. That way you know exactly what’s out there and they should know what’s out in the marketplace as well.

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Mobile GPS Hmm Not that Accurate

Tanesha White BlogOkay so I’ve done some past posts in regards to location based apps/social communities. I’ve used them occassionally, but only after I leave… avoiding any internet stalkers LOL. But, I’m sure like myself you’re finding that you don’t necessarily have to be in the location. You can actually be miles away. Read the rest of this entry

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