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Online, Social, and Mobile oh MY!

Digital ad spending is of course on the rise, obviously it certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is just how consumers like to stay engaged. I was reading in eMarketer that they predict online ad spending will reach $28.5 billion this year. Mobile will contribute an additional $1.1 billion to the digital ad market, and social networking sites will increase revenues by 55%.
Looking at this in the auto perspective what will dealers do to engage this generation, but most importantly how are they going to engage the biggest influencers of the Gen Y? Being that segment myself I don’t think that they’ve really taken this into consideration. I just returned from a big conference all about using technology to engage GEN Y, but in all honesty a lot of companies are putting the wrong the message into their heads. We’ll see, this is going to be a continued topic for me to hit on for a while so stay tuned.

Your Diva!


Oh Yeah Facebook Questions!

Well I don’t know about you but I was excited to hear the release of the new Facebook questions. I think this will be a great way for businesses to really generate some excitment to their followers.

The feature, which Facebook rolled out to all users March 24, functions as a recommendation engine. It also presents a major opportunity for businesses to conduct market research and crowdsource in a far more elegant way than was previously possible, according to Ben Grossman, communication strategist for marketing agency Oxford Communications.

“We know from Nielsen that recommendations from friends and family and the opinions of online strangers are the top two most trusted forms of advertising,” Grossman told Mashable. “Facebook Questions offers the perfect opportunity for brands to tap into exactly that.”Your Diva!

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