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Shopping Experience on Another Level

It’s funny because just a year ago I remember saying in sales pitches that you couldn’t really expect to sell cars from social sites. But, now it’s just the inevitable. When J.C.Penney made the big move earlier this year to putting their entire catalog on Facebook and then other major retailers following close behind. Yet again it has conditioned us “consumers” to become accustomed to not only shopping online, but now through our social network.

With the increasing popularity of all the location based checkin and coupon sites it comes as no surprise that a company would cross best of both worlds and create the optimum shopping experience.

American Express did just that! They are giving their card holders that top of the line shopping experience by using their social graph to determine what exactly they would be most interested in. But, not on that, actually giving out money from buying from these different retailers as a reward.

I personally love the direction that this is all going. It has made shopping less stressful, and yet still fun! It won’t be too long before consumers are really expecting to purchase a car through a dealerships Facebook!

You can read more about this here.


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