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Check- In Hype, Still Just Hype ?

Being in the digital industry and staying on top of internet trends can be challenging especially when so much of it can be a lot of smoke and mirrors and may throw you off of your digital focus. You know how it is… totally A.D.D!

Foursquare and yelp seem to still get a lot of hype, but I came across some interesting stats.

Despite all the hype that is still going on about location based social networking. It’s found that not a lot of people are engaging in these platforms. But, trust me I’m not saying to ignore them all at once, but rather  just be aware of them and keep them updated because you do have consumers that love to be mayors, and have all the badges in the world! Just by making it known that you have check in specials could show you check-in increases up to 300%! So have fun with them, but don’t spend too much time thinking to deep with trying to incorporate check-ins into your strategy.


your Diva!


Facebook making Circles Around Google+

Okay so I’m always up for trying a new breakthrough social site if I feel it’s going to help me leverage my marketing. Just when you think Google might just pull out a successful attempt in social media, FB seems to laugh and beef up all their capabilities with a flip of a switch. As car dealers are probably being told that they better be doing something to incorporate this soon to be “big thing”. This is yet another shiny object that is being flashed but is flawed. FB is the giant here and people are just acclimated to using it like there conditioned to open the refrigerator.  If you’re telling them that they should do something different, how do you really think that’s going to turn out?  Stay tuned to all the new cool features FB is releasing, especially facebook gestures. I think this could be a breakthrough in the marketing efforts for car dealers for sure!


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