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In need of a Digital Marketing Manager- Mistakes 101

Well you’ve seen the excitement that I’ve expressed in my last post about the fast growing digital positions that are popping up across companies Nationwide. And for the most part the big corporations, well they get it. They know exactly what a position like this demands, and knows what the expectations and targets should be.

But still I’ve found many nationwide niche companies and small businesses that are really coming to the realization that these are much needed specialized positions within there organizations and are actively looking. Now I’m really only talking about specific positions such as Digital Strategy aka Digital Marketing aka Internet Marketing (managers/directors) and whatever you choose to call this position! SEO and SEM specific titled positions are pretty straightforward and very popular in agencies and a handful of positions in organizations that have chosen not to outsource it.

First and foremost the Director/Manager of digital strategy/marketing is your internal “digital expert” essentially. This person is the one who cultivates change and new thinking internally as well for the customers or client base if relevant.  I’ve seen some companies really pigeon hole this position without truly understanding the impact this person will make and should make on the organization. So think about it what would change do within your organization? It doesn’t seem like some organizations are giving that much collaborative thought as to what the true purpose for this person is.

So since we’re on the topic of who this person is and what they mean to the organization what this person does or what’s required isn’t always clear. And here is a mistake many companies are guilty of:  This is NOT an IT position! Do not get confused with a true marketing professional and an IT professional. Creating digital strategies and understanding hardware and infrastructures are two totally different skill sets. As high pay as this position is why would you want to take away from the main focus, which is to generate ROI and Brand your business, with having them  troubleshooting your router?

If you are using the term “IT” then be really specific on what exactly you mean by it, because the term is so loosely used especially in the digital space. A Digital Strategy professional knows the difference so it’s important to give specific examples of what you mean. Like can you build websites, microsites and/or landing pages? Guess what that’s not IT and in today’s world you really don’t need to know HTML to create high converting sites and landing pages . The old school computer nerd has moved on to more complex applications. Thanks to sites like weebly all you need is your creativity and strategic thinking and have the awesome skills to be able to drag and drop! Organizations could really be passing up a well qualified candidate if they don’t clearly specify what they mean by “IT.”

Lastly the biggest mistake I see organizations make when they’re looking for this professional is requiring them be skilled in their specific industry. For example you’re a financial company looking for a Digital Marketing Director and you’re requiring experience in the financial industry, on top of 10 years in progressive internet advertising experience. You’re really making your pond smaller, and I hate to break it to you coming from an agency background where I worked in ALL industries it’s all about knowing who the target market is and where they’re hanging out online, and how you put your company in front of them. Unless you want this person to physically sell your product or service don’t shoot yourself in the foot by being industry specific. Realistically there isn’t going to be another person in your business that will be more educated on not just your company, but also your competitors!

If this post finds you hopefully you’re reevaluating the description and looking at all of your internal resources to see how this person will collaborate with you and your team before writing out the full job description. But, as fast as this space is evolving I hate to tell you, you’re going to have to rewrite it tomorrow;-)





The Growth of the Digital Marketing Professional

I can’t help but smile when I constantly get updates on Linkedin about jobs that may interest me  because these array of digital, internet, community, social, and mobile management/ directing/ analyst positions did not exist even just a short year ago! It’s amazing how companies have made this paradigm shift and have accepted the importance of having a digital strategy is vital to the growth and staying power for their brands.

I remember when being an internet professional was just knowing about Google and how to manipulate your site in order to rank high, and then all of sudden that high ranking resulted in more traffic, to more sales, to a bigger database, to more growth etc… Awwh those were the good ol days when it was still the new “thing” to do and it was so easy to dominate your competition because everyone else was sleeping at the wheel!

As the evolution of the internet just kept growing and websites increased numbers to their websites, advertising became more attractive for b2b and b2c companies. The light bulb was finally turning instead of flickering. Wow it makes sense to be on these sites because, wow a lot of our target market is here! Look out now its serious because the internet grew at such an explosive rate and internet advertising platforms and agencies popped up like popcorn all over the place traditional marketing managers were just in way over their heads. Now the internet became this whole other segment which is now Digital Marketing that needed to handled as a department of its own.

What’s funny is that now leading the Digital Strategy forefront I find myself in over my head and now being able to relate to those traditional Marketing professionals because this too is growing at an alarmingly fast pace. Especially since Social Media Marketing is now out of the “do I need to be there” phase and is accepted as an important peace of an effective digital strategy this too has become a marketing niche of its own. And it’s even predicted this year that the position of “community manager” is going to be a priority position for many companies this year. Check out 4 Community Management Predictions for 2012 on Mashable. Com.

Not to mention the boom of mobile that I talked about in my last write up. Constantly staying up to speed on the new latest and greatest apps, or marketing techniques, and the analytic s alone! There’s an entirely different specialty or skill. The proof is easy to see because of all the different companies specializing in all of these niche areas.

All in all even when I’m feeling overwhelmed at times its such a fun and exciting space to be in because when it comes down to it you have to be sharp and educated in all facets that makes up a digital strategy because with all these moving pieces you need a point person to be able to put all the pieces together and effectively communicate the ROI and strategy throughout your organization, among  a long list of other things:-\

I ❤ Digital!



Is Mobile a Priority in Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2012?


Toward the ladder end of last year while putting together the digital attack plan for 2012 I realized that looking at it on paper Mobile played a big part in my digital strategy universe.

Seeing how mobile access to the web is projected to surpass pc access within 5 years if not sooner it only makes sense to stay ahead of the curve and prepare to be flexible in the ad budget to throw at new mobile advertising techniques. For example when creating my SEM and SEO strategy I’ve really taken into consideration on marketing differently on our mobile storefront. An interesting stat showed how women are the biggest users of mobile web and in the marketing space that’s huge to know!  On the social side of my  digital strategy mobile had to be considered in this as well becaue almost 50% of mobile use is spent in social networks.

Knowing all the big stats on mobile which I included below,  ask yourself how can you leverage mobile technology to bridge the gap to your virtual storefront. Are you considering QR codes, and how will you use them? Have you tested text campaigns? Are you effectively using location based social networks and if so are you A/B testing and measuring effectively and does everyone in your business understand how to use them?

I hope that was some good food for thought. Below are 15 mobile statistics thought have helped me in my brainstorming sessions and I hope they help you too!



1.Smart phones

“Of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones in use, 1.08 billion are smartphones.”


2. SMS

Of those, 3.08 billion are SMS enabled.

3. Mobile

One half of searches are done via a mobile device: smartphone,tablet, etc.

4. Mobile

86% use their mobile devices (smartphone/tablet) in conjunction with watching TV. My question, aren’t most of them watching TV on their mobile device too?

5. Mobile Apps

Over 300,00 mobile apps have been developed in three years. The best mobile applications have been downloaded 10.9 billion times. But demand for download mobile apps is expected to peak in 2013.

6. Mobile Web

The number of people accessing the mobile Internet is growing fast and is expected toovertake the PC as the most popular way to get on the Web within five years.

7. Mobile Hours

Average Americans spend 2.7 hours a day “socializing” on a mobile device (i.e.instant messaging, social media apps, SMS, etc.).

My thought…that’s all?

8. Mobile Use

61% use their mobile devices to play games.

9. Mobile Use

Almost 50% use for social networking. Like it, Share it, Tweet it, + it.

10. Mobile Demographics

Women 35-54 most active in social networking on a mobile device.

11. Mobile Marketing

Search ads and location ads (paid-for positioning on maps and augmented reality apps) will deliver the highest revenue, while video/audio ads will see the fastest growth through 2015.

12. Mobile Search Engine and Advertising

Google’s gross revenue from mobile advertising is over US$1 billion per year.

13. Mobile Marketing

71 percent of smartphone users that see TV, press or online ad, do a mobile search for more information.

14. Mobile Marketing

But 79 percent of large online advertisers still do not have a mobile optimized site.

15. Mobile Apps

One in four mobile apps once downloaded is never used again.

In short, Mobile devices, mobile marketing, and mobile apps are not going away. My advice, get in while it’s hot…!



Google Plus Search Equals Business

So much talk about Google Plus- is going to fail will it crush Facebook etc…..

Well everyone always knew there was a motive behind the search giants plan, I mean come on when you rule the internet for so long what else is there to do? Take over the world… lol Well Google has always been about making sure that they’re serving up the most relevant information to it’s consumers. Because lets face it, Google has turned us into the most instant gratification craving society in history. It’s taken away a need to really think… because why do that when you can “google” what you’re looking for? But, that’s a whole other topic in itself! 

So anyway you’ve seen the announcement 2 days ago on how you’re Google Plus network influences the search results for what you’re looking for, well I didn’t really want to write anything about until I experienced it for myself. Since the tapering of the Google Plus “invite only” phase I’ve encouraged businesses to be sure to promote your site to get plus oned…. for at least the consumers that have a Google plus.  So far I like what I see and I know Google is all about making the search experience as user friendly as possible. Well how genuis is it to serve the content that has been endorsed by people within your network??  Absolutely Awesome!!  And by looking at how it is served up today it’s ranked higher than a paid search! You hear bells?

This is yet another way for small businesses to compete in a very competitive market. Have your customers plus 1 your business! Just think if you’re searching for something on the internet and you see the 3 or 4  or 50 people have endorsed the same business, what a strong influence!

Although this is a pretty neat feature, reality is it would be great to have more people using it. Sure it has a lot of momentum and Google is being aggressive on getting plus 1 accounts, Ie .. forcing people to join G+ for their party at the Consumer Electronic Summit 2012, nice tactic. But in reality do everyday people not in the business realm of social media really care about being on G+? That’s the big question, but time is the only answer.


The A.D.

QR Codes the Small Business and Franchise Trend

I wanted to share this write up because I expressed my love for QR codes in a blog way back when. I totally agree that QR codes are growing popularity in small businesses and franchises because lets face it along with everything else digital it’s inexpensive to implement. Enjoy the article!
For franchise businesses and locations, making the most of current trends in social media sites and technology advances are a great ways to reach broader audiences online.  Social media outlets are significant franchise resources.  With this in mind, the buzz around Taco Bell’s recent QR Code promotion with MTV is a testament of the latest movement in social media towards the smartphone market. Many franchise industry experts are giving special notice to the merits of QR Codes.

While this type of marketing and franchise development services have generally been used by big-name corporations and larger businesses, their merits are being recognized by smaller businesses and franchises as well. The general public is creating a movement towards the digital market and these franchise resources are an excellent option for smaller businesses because they are relatively inexpensive to generate.

Since QR Codes can be printed on most anything, they are great option for smaller businesses looking for ways to bridge the gap between their physical location and an online presence for their customers.

A franchise website, Facebook page, Google Places account, or even a Yelp listing can be linked to a QR Code; by simply scanning whatever the code is printed on with their smartphone, customers are able to quickly access the linked webpage, increasing visibility for large and small businesses alike. Franchise development services such as QR Codes are quickly growing in popularity because of their ease and low cost.
Using QR Codes as franchise resources allows the codes to be updated with new information and locations, making it easier to promote locations without expiration dates like regular printed coupons.

A restaurant chain in Michigan used QR Codes to promote a new outlet opening, including the codes in ads, on posters and in newspapers around the University of Michigan campus. The franchise received about four thousand scans, which stands as a true testament of the viral power of these simple black and white squares. Cost is kept low because the codes can be generated at a low cost and the only additional cost comes from paying for whatever poster, pamphlet, or other printed material the code is being placed upon.
With the general public becoming more and more digitized, many franchise internet marketing experts maintain that QR Codes are destined to become one of the newest staples of marketing for franchisees and business owners alike.
Hope you enjoyed now scan away!
Tanesha White
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