Pinterest My New love, Businesses Don’t Turn your Head just Yet

Okay so I’m not going to bandwagon on all the blog posts out there about this cool network that’s obviously snowballing past the popularity zone. I can honestly say I love it because it’s caught on to people that aren’t into being tech junkies or work in the tech industry. It’s network that just makes sense to use. And seeing how it’s way to easily categorize lovely pictures that inspire such as trendy shoes, clothes, Homes, places to go, etc… Pinterest easily picked up the interest from ladies all over the world, or at least in my social circle LOL.   This network is seeing tremendous growth,  “ComScore showing that Pinterest had 11.7 million unique monthly visitors in January 2011. That’s up from only 7.5 million in December…and a scant 418,000 last May.

So what’s all the buzz about this virtual pinboarding network?  So it’s cool being able to compile and share all these cool things you find on the net. Think about how you can use it in your everyday life. Ladies we all know how difficult it can be planning a wedding, why not create a pinboard and invite all the people you would like to contribute to your wedding pinboard and first start pinning what your style is to get them inspired on what you’re looking for. Or what about a home makeover create a board for it and start pinning cool pics from DIY and share it with your contractor.

Or maybe you’re like me and just love inspiration boards. Collect pictures of all the things that make you smile. Beautiful places to go are always nice.  And I’m always a sucker for cute animal pictures! 

Now on the business side of things, because you know the gerbils in my head have the wheels turning on how to put this network to work for businesses. I just consulted a company on it the other day who specializes in custom homebuilding. I advised them to  simply put together pinboards categorized by  design. Instead of having that boring old school portfolio invite your prospects to your pinterest that way they can get to “liking” and “repinning” their favs immediately. And guess what all that social action just got you? Yup you guessed it free viral branding for you company! I think this strategy would work for many industries.

Now think about a business to vendor relationship. Thinking of changing your website design, why not pin all of your top favs? Then have your vendor add you to the list contributors so you can also pin other sites on the net that you like. I even think back to my Interactive agency days and how cool this network would be. You could use the Pinterest account for all designers and Project managers to share ideas. The possibilities are endless!

I haven’t seen the organic impact just yet, and maybe their won’t be because it’s image based. But regardless as a business don’t turn your head from this network just yet. This is another way to amplify your brand. After just minutes of pinning a picture I’ve seen over 20 repins happen in the course of 5 minutes.

Now take a dose of that viral juice!

Happy Pinning!


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Professional BIo: With over 12 years of experience in the internet industry and the pleasure of working with National companies such as, Lithia Automotive, McDonalds, and Lexus Corp. Tanesha has applied her knowledge and creative thinking to the needs of clients and business owners with two things in mind; helping them understand internet marketing and how to market effectively and consistently show measurable results. Tanesha displays a true understanding of the internet consumers behaviors. By understanding the needs of businesses, she brings a fresh innovative approach to customizing effective online strategies for any industry. White believes that business owners can have all the desire in the world to have the most technologically inclined company in their market, but online marketing, SEO, social media strategy, and website conversion require the ability to understand in order to be successful.

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