The Gen Y Woman Brand Offline, But Did You see it Online?

You ever wonder what people say about you if your name is brought up in a conversation? Or wonder what kind of first impression you left after a  business meeting? I’m sure you do, because it’s human nature. Although you may not know most of the time, you can assure to leave a positive impression by being consistent with your personal brand. I titled this for the women reader, only because it’s even more important and more challenging for a women in the workplace to maintain that positive consistency.
Let’s face it we just have more challenges to overcome- period! Really don’t need to make this the battle of the sexes.. On the bright side studies have shown that Gen Y women have a more positive out look on equality in the workplace, and that “glass ceiling” is a lot more fragile to break through.

Now, this sense of power and running things in the workplace has of course taken years of being consistent with your:

positive attitude for every person you encounter

under promising and over delivering what you say

getting things done and coining yourself as the go to person

Being the go-getter and asking for what you want and setting expectations

But, have you taken a look at your brand online? The internet brings great power, social media can bring devastation especially your choice of pictures! It’s kind of funny finding the inspiration to write this. It started with my husband showing me the profiles of recruiters that have contacted him on linked in. LOL, I couldn’t believe some of the pictures these women had as their profile. Finger in the mouth here, wind blowing through your hair there…. Too funny. Did these ladies not get the memo that Linkedin is not Myspace 01? 

So I would think this would be a no brainer, if you want to be taken seriously on the professional level present yourself that way in a professional network. Now when it comes to using Facebook and twitter have you ever searched for your name? Do you realize that your posting can rank in the search engines such as, google, Yahoo, and Bing? These are marketing techniques us digital marketers use to our advantage, but in the civilian world this could come back to bite you. Recruiters perform searches on potential candidates all the time, do you really want to leave a negative impression before getting a chance to speak with them? Even if you think you’ve got your privacy buttoned up on Facebook remember nothing is a 100%.

Have you come across some funny Linkedin pics?



About Tanesha White

Professional BIo: With over 12 years of experience in the internet industry and the pleasure of working with National companies such as, Lithia Automotive, McDonalds, and Lexus Corp. Tanesha has applied her knowledge and creative thinking to the needs of clients and business owners with two things in mind; helping them understand internet marketing and how to market effectively and consistently show measurable results. Tanesha displays a true understanding of the internet consumers behaviors. By understanding the needs of businesses, she brings a fresh innovative approach to customizing effective online strategies for any industry. White believes that business owners can have all the desire in the world to have the most technologically inclined company in their market, but online marketing, SEO, social media strategy, and website conversion require the ability to understand in order to be successful.

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