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Thank You Facebook For the Voice Feature.

Finally, there isn’t any confusion on whether or not I’m as a page or as myself. It got quite annoying when one minute you could actually “like” something as yourself on pages you admin to the next day only liking as a page. Now to my pleasant surprise Facebook made it clear as day right across the top of the page.

Facebook Voice Feature

You can find it when you’re using Facebook as your profile and actually search and select the pages you manage (so you’re still viewing as yourself.)  The voice tab will be at the top right and you can easily toggle between yourself or as the page. Very convenient feature. I look forward to many new exciting features to come!

Whats on your feature wishlist?


Tanesha White


Stengthen Your Localized SEO With Building Your Online Reputation

Now being back on the agency side of things. I’ve recently had to take a step back when approaching some of our small business partners. I take for granted assuming that all the “foundation” of a digital marketing strategy is already in place. Meaning that the website or virtual storefront- what I like to call it is well optimized, listings are all claimed and monitored. One key that I see many businesses not doing is localized SEO. The quickest way to strengthen your SEO is to claim your business listings and start to get reviews!

1) Reviews, not testimonials. Third party-hosted reviews have greater credibility with prospective customers and higher read rates than testimonials. Quotations from satisfied customers pasted onto your website look cherry-picked and are not the powerful conversion tool that 3rd party-hosted reviews are.

2) Quantity and quality. While most people only look at 2-3 reviews before deciding which business to use, that doesn’t mean that having just a handful of reviews is sufficient. According to a recent Search Engine Land study, the quantity of reviews that a business has is important because it gives users more confidence in the star ratings. The more review content you have, the less likely you will lose that potential customer. However, don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Longer reviews are more credible.

3) Current, fresh review content. Prospective customers are looking for recent content. Make sure that you have a review from the current year or, better yet, the current month. People will search for your latest reviews and those reviews will be the ones frequently clicked on and read. Also, fresh content will actually help you rank better in search results. Prospective customers will be more likely to find and read your reviews online if you have recent ones.

4) Positive reviews should outnumber the negative. According to a recent survey, 52% of consumers said that positive online reviews make them more likely to use a local business. This doesn’t mean that negative reviews are a bad thing. If you have enough positive feedback, then negative reviews actually confer value because they show transparency and honesty, especially when you engage with your reviewers by commenting on those reviews.

5) Reviews in multiple places online. Reviews are the #1 factor someone will consider when choosing whether to use you over another company. So, it’s important that you make sure your reviews are in key places: on your website; indexing in Google and other major search engines; Facebook and Twitter; and local search sites like Google Places or Yahoo Local.

So keeps these 5 rules to online reputation close to mind when reviewing your goals this year.


Tanesha White

Importance of Having or Being a Social Champion, Big Brand Facebook Spam Gone Wrong

I was just browsing through some of my fav fanpages such as Coca Cola and Pepsi. It amazes that such big brands still can’t quite keep up with their social media moderation.  I understand the importance in allowing fans to post to your page for the interaction, but this needs to be closely monitored especially if you’re a small business.  For example the screenshot below shows the activity log of recent posts to Pepsi’s FB wall. Obviously the “seexy videoos” is just horrible spam, but the thumbnail picture is absolutely offensive and pornographic, “hence” the red X . The simple fact that  kids will see this as soon as they  come to  their favorite drink’s fan page is sickening.

Bigger brand with a million + fans yeah not that  detrimental to business, but if you’re a smaller company and have outsourced your social media management you still can’t let treat it like it’s on cruise control because you’re entire social efforts could crumble apart with an incident like this.

I’ve seen many mistakes made by agencies and careless “accidental” postings or unmonitored networks subjected to obscene spam. Don’t fall victim to it. When outsourcing your social media efforts you have to have someone accountable within in your organization, your “champion.” be sure your agency gets you familiar with setting alerts or simply helping you find the right mobile apps to keep you in the know when you’re on the go.  You may not be able to stop the spam 100%, but you can be prepared if it happens and be able to put the fire out when need be!  So just remember this is your reputation as a business owner staying social is a business by itself and you don’t have to take the reigns, just make sure you know what the horse doing, lol.

Good Luck!

Tanesha White

More Link Juice for Twitter as Hashtags and Username links Now Appear in Facebook Posts

This is very cool I came across this article this morning Here’s a clip below:

Twitter users have been able to post links to Facebook via the microblog service for some time, and now it appears that Facebook is adding links for hashtags and usernames. The feature is identical to the way that it adds previews for URLs included in status updates.

Here’s a status update on Facebook (sent via Twitter) that shows the link for hashtags:

fb twitter 520x135 Twitter set for visibility boost as hashtag and username links now appear in Facebook status updates

Read the Full Article here

So what does this mean for businesses that have a Twitter and Facebook? It means more exposure especially for the business brand on Twitter. If businesses have branded a hashtag that tweeps are familiar with this is going to be a way to really cross pollinate with their Facebook following. And really introduce some people to microblogging if they really haven’t been exposed yet. Yes this finally means that the majority will finally understand the purpose of a hashtag in the first place since the use of them has crossed over to Facebook as a form of expression rather than organizing conversation. I will be curious to see spikes of engagement and new followers.


Tanesha White

Did You Know, Fun Social Facts and Infographic

People spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook

YouTube generates 92 billion page views per month (These YouTube stats don’t include videos viewed on phones and embedded in websites)


More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years


People upload 3,000 images to Flickr (the photo sharing social media site) every minute

Flickr hosts over 5 billion images
70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US

Google gets 7.2 billion daily page views

270,000 words a minute are written on Blogger

60% of all tweets come from third-party apps

3 years, 2 months and 1 day…the time it took from the first tweet to the billionth tweet.

12.4 million tweets per hour or 27.9 million tweets in just 2 hours and 35 minutes) Was achieved during Obama's speech about Osama Bin Laden

Source: The Growth of Social Media an Infographic

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