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Infographic of the Week

Thanks to Hubspot. I thought this infographic was creative and entertaining all in one! Whether you want to admit it or not there are many ways to lure your audience, what did you commit?

Source: Hubspot


The Linkedin 10 Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you’re new to Linkedin or a veteran it’s always nice to have a refresher. 

1Do Upload a Professional Picture

This should be self-explanatory, but it is surprising how many starfish, cars, sunflowers,

people standing on the beach at sunset, and dogs we witness on LinkedIn

profiles. Honestly, who puts a picture of their dog on a professional networking

platform?The point of LinkedIn is to further your networking ability online as well as offline.

You want people to recognize you when you walk into a networking event. And

when you have a picture of your dog, that never happens. Upload a professional

picture to all platforms you are building your personal brand on, whether that is

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or your blog. We know you’ll want to be fun and

creative on those other sites, but don’t do it if you’re trying to create a professional


2Do Connect to Your Real Friends and Contacts

Just like we tell children not to talk to strangers, the same applies to your LinkedIn

profile. It’s crazy to see how many people connect with strangers all over the

world because they want to “build up” their network on LinkedIn. Connecting

to hundreds of strangers will NOT help your network in LinkedIn.

Remember, the value of LinkedIn comes in the quality of relationships you have, not the quantity.

Think of it this way: If you ever have to ask someone for an introduction to someone

else, it’s rather a big letdown to get a message back that says, “Oh, I don’t actually

know them; they’re just in my huge network.” People like this do not provide

real value, so don’t become one of them.


3Do Keep Your Profile Current

Let’s use an example for this. Erik is hanging out with Kyle, and there is a funky

smell coming from somewhere. Kyle asks Erik where that smell is coming from,

and Erik nonchalantly says he hasn’t changed clothes in three days. Does that

change the way Kyle is interacting with Erik? Of course!

Just like Erik neglected his appearance, the same concept applies to your LinkedIn

profile. If you neglect your profile, people will tend to forget and avoid you.


4Do Delete People Who Spam You

In life and in LinkedIn, there are bad apples. There are times when contacts or

connections abuse the system and spam your Inbox with some new multilevel marketing

scheme or a new product or service they’re selling. It’s polite to ask them to

stop and rethink their strategy. They could be new to this, and maybe they made a

mistake. But if they continue to abuse your connection, delete them. They’re wasting

your valuable time by making you wade through their mess. Get rid of them.


5Do Spend Some Time on Your Summary

Do you ever read an email, newspaper, or blog post when the headline is terrible?

Of course not. Your summary has the same effect on your LinkedIn profile. Be

extremely concise and specific when writing your summary. Get people excited

about reading your profile and connecting with you. Express your personal brand.

Express what you are passionate about. It may even be helpful to have a co-worker

or close connection review your summary.


6Don’t Use LinkedIn Like Facebook and Twitter

There is a time and place for professional and personal content when building

your personal brand. We have discussed the importance of having places for both.

LinkedIn is a professional network, and although it is important to share some

personal content, don’t use LinkedIn as a personal network. That’s what Facebook

is for.

7Don’t Sync LinkedIn with Twitter

Similarly, don’t automatically blend LinkedIn with Twitter. LinkedIn gives you the

applications and tools that allow you to connect your account with Twitter, which

means whenever you post a message to Twitter, it automatically posts to your status

update in LinkedIn.

Don’t do this. Ever. If you’re using Twitter correctly, you’re communicating with

connections, asking and answering questions, giving shout-outs to people across

the country, and even making plans for lunch. People on LinkedIn don’t want their

feeds disrupted by all your tweets.

Remember, too, that not everyone uses Twitter, so your colleagues on LinkedIn

may not know how to read some of the special characters and abbreviations

on Twitter.


8Don’t Decline Invitations. Archive Them

When a stranger asks you for a connection on LinkedIn, archive the invitation

instead of deleting it. There could be a time when you meet this person, and you

can refer to the previous invitation to connect with her. When a connection is

archived, it’s easier to keep track of it.

9Don’t Ask Everyone for Recommendations

There’s no hard and fast rule about the number of recommendations you should

have. There’s no minimum, and some people think there’s no maximum. Just

remember that not every recommendation is important.

You do need to have at least two recommendations to reach 100% completion of

your profile, but they need to be valuable recommendations. Here are a couple tips

to follow:

• Make sure you know the person—This seems obvious, but unfortunately

it is not. Basically, if you don’t know the person who’s asking

you for a recommendation, send her a nice note that says, “I don’t

know you!” You don’t need to give a recommendation to someone you

don’t know; similarly, you don’t need to accept one either.

• Ask your best clients—Happy clients are the best referral and recommendation

source for you. Make a list of 10 people to ask for a recommendation.

You don’t need 20 or 30 because 10 people talking about

you is more than enough to strengthen your LinkedIn profile and build

your personal brand.

10Don’t Forget to Use Spelling and Grammar Check

Do you use spelling and grammar check on your résumé? The same idea applies to

your LinkedIn profile. Remember, your profile is technically a résumé, and we’ve

all been taught that our résumés have to be laser perfect. Spell check everything!

Source: SocialMediaToday

Your Online Reputation is Mobile

So by now if we all don’t know that Mobile device utilization will soon be surpassing the use of computers then you might have been living under a rock for the past few years. But, do you understand how consumers are using their smartphones? Or what technology is available on phone nowadays.

The reason I bring this up is because I’m an avid user of SIRI for my iphone. I love using this feature to find the best places around town from services to finding products. As a small business owner you should definitely get acclimated with these speaking technologies because you could be losing potential business. There are so many of your competitors to choose from so think like a consumer, how would you narrow it down?

Simple “give me all pizza places with good reviews.”  Have you tried this test with your business? If not you need too! It’s important to know how your business looks online because if you don’t have any good reviews then your business is invisible. Or worse you have bad reviews that you didn’t know about.

Below are some stats from Yelp. Now start experimenting to see how your business looks.

Yelp Mobile Metrics, August 2011:

  • Yelp had over 5 million unique visitors to our mobile apps — 63 million total unique visitors to 8.5 million of which were from mobile browsers.
  • More than 2,216,896 calls were made from a Yelp app. That’s nearly 9 calls every 10 seconds to a local business.
  • Over 40% of all Yelp searches were done on one of our mobile apps.                                                                                                              Source:

Oh No You Didn’t! Social Media Marketing Sins Not to Commit

With all the changes that we’ve all felt with Facebook you’re probably feeling the engagement meter has taken a dip. But, were you committing social media no-no’s before this even happened? So what am I talking about you ask?

As mainstream as social media is nowadays it still doesn’t surprise me how so many businesses still manage to make mistakes that will cost them there fan growth.

Social Media Marketing Tips


  • Out of control scheduling and link blasting– Third party scheduling posts, statuses, and tweets  is definitely a luxury I love as well, but some businesses have just gone out of control with it. You’ve basically set up your social and leave it on cruise control and then …. well you become unsocial. Not answering comments for days, or thanking for RTs etc…. I’m sure you’ve encountered this.
  • The Facebook Ad Junkie- Yeah so you’ve ran a few contests or promoted some cool stories and by doing so you’ve grown your fan base substantially. But, since the big up tick in new fans there hasn’t been anything interesting that has kept them engaged….. Soo I guess I’ll run another ad~ don’t be that guy
  • The all of sudden semi-automatic promoter- If you’re like me you probably forgot about some of the pages you liked on Facebook and because nothing else was really engaging about it was out of sight. Well out of the blue this page starts throwing out promotions left and right all in your wall space….. Yeah time to unsubscribe or unlike!
  • The Secret Social Promoter- You just posted a an awesome savings coupon or a redemption where all you have to do is say you saw this on a wall, but the employees at the counter have no idea about it.. #fail

These are just a few of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen businesses make. What encounters have you had?


Tanesha White

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