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Infographic of the Week: Presidential candidates and Social Media

It’s kind of funny as I’m doing my nightly “turfing,” you know watching TV and surfing the net political campaigns are hitting me in all directions, seriously. every commercial on tv, every youtube video was a presidential promotion, campaign banners on every site, in my Twitter feed, and my Facebook wall. Wheewww seriously, but I guess that gives me the pick for the infographic this week. How do the candidates measure up in there use of social media. Who’s voice is louder, who’s audience is more engage?

Enjoy this Infographic!

Social Media Infographic


Source: CompassLabs 


Infographic Of the Week: Could you go days without your iPhone?

Seeing as how the long awaited iPhone 5 was announced this week I thought this week’s infographic was very appropriate. Smartphones  have intertwined themselves into almost every aspect of our lives, almost like some unforgiving addiction. This infographic brought to you by the awesome Mashable crew is a delicious visual of just how much smartphones rule our lives. And a down and dirty look at what people would give up instead of going without their iphones!


Get a Grip and Manage Your Social Here’s 20 Tools to Help.

Social media has become a main focus of marketing for small businesses especially seeing as how big brands have already embraced it. Social media is a an outlet  to allow businesses to listen to their customers and to know longer be just brick and mortar. It allows businesses to build a community around products or services, and to help expand markets. It’s clear that social media is valuable, but measuring social media ROI proves to be a challenge. Lucky for all of us that social media management tools have popped up as quickly as social media networks themselves.

Here’s a list of 20 free social media monitoring tools worth checking out:

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a web-based dashboard that allows you to monitor multiple social networks in one place. You can collaborate with fellow employees, schedule messages, and assign tasks to your team. It’s particularly great for managing multiple accounts on the same platform. This is one of my personal favorites.

2. Klout

Klout provides an influencer score based on your social media activity. Your Klout score is determined using over 400 variables. In addition to working on your own Klout score, you can look at your influences and who you influence to regularly share content that is of the highest quality from trusted sources.

3. TweetReach

Who is reading your tweets? How is it being shared? What is the measured impact of what you’re putting out there? TweetReach is a social analytics tool that helps you capture this valuable information.

4. TwentyFeet

TwentyFeet aggregates your activity from various social media platforms so you can get the full picture of your online presence. Then, you can determine which of your activities are most valuable.

5. Twitalyzer

Measure your impact, engagement, and influence on Twitter with this tool. They offer three plans, depending on your needs, Individual, Business and Agency, all at a very reasonable price. They do offer their three most popular reports for free, so just connect your Twitter account and start Twitalyzing.

6. PeerIndex

Use this tool to determine your online authority and who your online brand advocates are. Learn which topics are best for you to focus on and who to connect with to spread the word.

7. Facebook Insights

This dashboard gives you all of the analytics data related to your Facebook page so that you can track growth and impact. Use the Insights to better understand your followers and reach the right audience.

8. SocialMention

Track and measure who is talking about you, your company, your product, or any topic related to your industry. SocialMention pulls data from hundreds of social media services to give you the most accurate, real-time information.

9. SocialPointer

This tool allows you to track and monitor social mentions and respond in real-time. Find potential customers, listen to what your competitors are saying, and get immediate feedback about your business.

10. SocialBro

Manage and analyze your Twitter account with SocialBro. This tool gives you detailed information about your Twitter community so that you can interact with followers more efficiently and garner the best results.

11. FollowerWonk

This Twitter analytics service, now owned by SEOMoz, allows you to understand and sort your followers. Learn when your influential followers are most active so that you can select the best times to engage your community and to ensure you’re reaching the right people at the right time.

12. HowSociable

Measure your brand’s impact online with this tool that provides you with a magnitude score. The score analyzes your level of activity online so that you can determine whether you have enough of a presence.

13. Seesmic

Manage all of your business’ social media accounts in one place with Seesmic. Quickly view and respond to social activity in real-time even from your mobile devices.


This is a great tool for managing your conversations on social networks. provides you with valuable insights into the people you are talking to via social media and also gives you a place to track whether or not you’ve responded.

15. TweetDeck

Arrange feeds from all of your social networks in one place using the TweetDeck dashboard. You can also schedule tweets and set-up customizable feeds for your social search needs.

16. Brand Monitor

Track your brand across numerous social media sites. Find where conversations relevant to your business are taking place so that you can start becoming an active social media participant. Learn trending keywords and measure conversation engagement to help bring more valuable brand content to social media platforms.

17. Kred

Similar to Klout, Kred mines social data to give you a Kred score. The score is a combination of your influence and your outreach activity. Kred measures how often you tweet or post, how people interact with you, and the growth of your audience. Kred gives you a detailed breakdown of your score so that you know exactly where you should improve and the areas in social that are working well for your company.

18. Google Analytics Social Reports

Nicely integrated into your Google Analytics platform, Social Reports helps measure how social traffic is directly impacting your conversions. Using an overview of your social networks, this tool allows you to visualize your social traffic so that you know where your time is best spent in the social world.

19. TwitterCounter

TwitterCounter tracks Twitter users to give you statistics and usage information for your account. This service offers a very basic free package with graphical data, but you can pay a bit more for access to an account comparison feature, more updates, report exports, and more.

20. Topsy

This is a real-time social search engine. Sort through the latest social activity related to your industry, brand, or community and apply that knowledge to future business decisions.

Keep in mind there’s a lot of overlap in the services these social media monitoring tools provide. It’s most important that you find the tool that aligns with your business needs and personal preferences.

Do you use any of these services? Which ones are your favorite?




Facebook Mobile Use is Huge! Mobile ads should be promising.

488 million active mobile Facebook users were seen in May. SocialBakers, a social analytics company, reported that, according to Facebook ad data, this number has risen to 543 million or 57 percent. That is 12% growth in just a few months. With Facebook Mobile ads showing real results and proving to work this is very exciting news. The infographic below shows even more interesting stats that dive a little deeper.



Tanesha White Digital Media, Social strategy


Source: Social Bakers

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