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Infographic of the Week: Not Using Online Video? You Should

When asked by businesses, “what can I do to drive more traffic and generate more leads?” One thing that I’ve been preaching for the past 4 years is to use video. Not surprising Video engagement has continued to grow. Between Feb 2011 to Feb 2012 the number of videos watched in the US grew 660%! This and many other interesting video facts can be found in this infographic.

Bottom line make videos, demonstrate your product, show a how to, give tips, and watch your traffic and leads move up.



Digital Shot of the Week: Don’t be “that guy” The guide to Social Media Awkwardness

My inspiration for this quick digital shot came to me because of something that has grown into quite a pet peeve. Seeing things in your newsfeed that can completely annoy you, or for me looking at a client’s social presence and how they’re utilizing it can really jump on a nerve when it just becomes too much.

Here are my top annoyances that make me say, “you’re that guy.” The guide to Social Media Awkwardness.

1. Hashtags in inappropriate places

The use of Hashtags in Facebook is useless other than looking annoying. They do not link to other relevant information about your subject like Twitter or Linkedin so just stop it already. #swagg <—- see useless.

2. Sarcasm

You’re in typing, texting whatever…. We cannot hear the sarcasm in your voice so if you’re trying to be sarcastic you might just appear to be a jerk.

3. Insta-Annoying

So you downloaded your instagram app and now you want to take pictures of everything you come in contact with. Snapshot close up of your dogs eyes, your drunk uncle, in starbucks. That’s great you inspiring photographer you, but please don’t feel compelled to share to Facebook or Twitter every single time!

4. Privacy

So you’ve gotten the hang of privacy settings on Facebook (well sort of). Keep in mind even though you have custom sharing set on your Facebook computer version set doesn’t necessarily mean it’s like that for your mobile or tablet sharing. Here’s a cool pic of me taking shots at the bar via iphone….. oops my work contacts saw that? Awkward….

5. Profile Pic


I’ve mentioned this before in a previous blog, but it’s worth mentioning again. Know the difference in social platforms. Your Linkedin pic shouldn’t be camera shot from the bathroom mirror.




There are certainly many more examples of social awkwardness, what are some that you’ve come across?

Bottom line, just don’t be that guy!


Social Media Awkwardness

Okay, that’s just AWKWARD

Infographic of the week: Stats of 13 and under on Facebook

38% of kids under 12 years old are on facebook, that’s 7.5 million kids! This and other facts are found in this infographic. I found this infographic important because even parents that feel they may have prevented their kids from creating a social profile I believe some may be oblivious to their kids having one already. Only 36% of parents knew their children had a facebook. Facebook has already surpassed the “shocking facts” phase. Did you know 55% of teens give out personal information to someone they don’t know online? Are you friends with your kids on Facebook? Have you had discussion of rules on how to conduct themselves online?


Infographic of the Week: Google Plus Hot or Not?


You’ve seen all the blogs and you’ve heard all the hype is Google+, the hot trend or cold flop?  Umpf  went ahead and did the research to really get to the bottom of this question. I picked this infographic because it doesn’t only show you Google+ statistics, but it shows comparison to the other top social networks.

Google+ infographic

So do you use Google+?


Tanesha White

aka: Digital Diva:-)

Digital Shot for the Week: Stop Messing With My Edgerank!

Digital Marketing Tactics Tanesha Congrats you’ve worked hard and consistent at building your social crm by building a strong Facebook following. You’ve interacted, you followed all the tips such as posting Videos and photos for the most engagement, and you’ve even hosted contests. You might have even invested in software or painfully followed Facebook analytics to help you measure and calculate when it is the best time to post.

Yup just when you thought you had it all figured out. We are now all getting taunted by people experimenting with the edgerank algorithm very similar to the cat and mouse game that Google likes to play with their ranking algorithms. Facebook Edgerank

I have seen organic impressions drop by 50% in the past few weeks and so have many other people. In order to really counteract this substantial drop I advise taking another look at promoted posts. Use them to your advantage for posts that you really want seen whether it’s for a special offer to generate sales or a free ebook to generate leads. Have fun with it and see what kinds of posts are getting the most action, and not just the most impressions.

What promoted posts worked for you?


Tanesha White

Digital Diva

Infographic of the Week: Google Panda what it is to the Point

Although Google Panda rolled out earlier this year. There is still a lot confusion and mystery around it for what it really means to many businesses, especially small business. The question is, really how is this new algorithm really affecting my site? The days of crowding your pages with keywords, or duplicating pages is over. Google wants content, and great content plain and simple.

Have you changed your SEO Strategy?


Source: Singlegrain

Google Panda Explained Infographic

Digital Shot: Google Plus Local and Proof it Drives Traffic to Your Business

Digital Marketing Tips From Tanesha White

As Promised here is the baby minus the delivery, enjoy this digital shot!

If you’re a small business owner I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz and have probably seen that Google Places is gone. But, don’t panic because it really didn’t disappear just thinking of it reincarnating into Google+Local. Google places was just a static map and now with Google+Local businesses have a dynamic listing.

Long story short and straight to the point:

  • It combines Google Plus which implements users review.
  • SEO boosts that far surpass the old Google Places
  • Google plus allows the integrated user reviews so social media marketing has huge potential
  • Interaction with your clients

Want visual eye candy?

Here is a snapshot of a clients google places before the G+Local:

Google Plus Local and it Enhances your SEO

And now after Google+Local:

Google Plus Local How to Enhance your Business

You see it right that’s over double the amount of impressions! Of course it takes the finesse and understanding of how to truly utilize G+L to ensure your business gets the competitive edge.

Does your business know how to utilize Google+Local?


Tanesha White

Introducing Digital Marketing Shots, Bottoms Up!

I really love the response that I’ve been receiving since switching to a more simplified version of blog writing. And quite simply this makes is so much easier for me so there’s a win win. Since there seems to be more “social media experts” than there are babies in China I’ve noticed that the longer the write up was the less it really got paid attention too, maybe shared here or there but nonetheless nothing to get excited about. And let’s admit it you’re not seeing anything new it’s just the same pig with a different color of lipstick on.

Digital and Social Media Tanesha White So with that said my version of tips or “in the know” write ups is just a nice small shot that is quick and to the point. If you’re like me and hate wasting time with fluff, “give me the baby I don’t need the delivery” type of personality then you should appreciate these.  Thank you to all my readers I really appreciate your support and engagement.


Your Digital Diva Tanesha White

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