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Infographic of the Week: 2012 Year of Integration

The one major thing I love about infographics is being able to see analytical numbers and all the nerdy data that comes along with the internet in a nice pretty picture. My pick for infographic of the week is this: 2012 The Year of Integration. As a user of the internet it really doesn’t occur how much information is being tracked about your profile or really how many times per day you’re exposed to user generated content. But, as a marketing professional I’m forced to dive into these numbers on daily basis to effectively make the right marketing decisions.Didl you know that 90% of the world’s data was just created within the last 2 years? This and many other interesting facts you will find here. Enjoy!





Digital Shot of the Week: Future Advertising, Minority Report movie doesn’t seem that far off.

Over the weekend I caught a glimpse of Minority Report, which has always been the movie that has set the expectations on how the future will be.  If you haven’t seen make sure you catch it on Netflix. Anyway, after reading a confirmation that Facebook ads will display on external networks really made one part of the movie stand out to me. Remember the clip below when Tom Cruises’s character is walking through the building and all along the way the  ads are specifically targeted towards. All from reading the data scanned from his retinas. I know that seems far fetched right now, but as a consumer think of all the data that give you out everyday on the internet. Google has been collecting your information and interests for who knows how long, and now soon all the things that you’ve liked, or disliked on Facebook will now allow advertisers to target you accordingly.

So enjoy the clip below and give me your feedback.

Your, Dig Diva



Infographic of the Week: Come on Where’s your Mobile Manners?

In the U.S there are more active cell phones than the number our human population so no wonder cellphone etiquette is diminishing. I recall several times being in a public place such as an airport and over the noise of everything going on around me there was always “this guy.” You know the guy/woman who is talking so loudly that you would think they were using a megaphone. I came across this infographic and couldn’t help myself. Some very interesting facts in some humorous visuals, you can’t go wrong.

What public place “that guy,” made unenjoyable for you or just flat out annoyed you?

Infographic of the Week- Social Media Cheat Sheet

This week’s infographic will be a good help if you’re in the boat of wanting to get started with a social media plan, or even if you’ve been dabbling for a bit. I still get questions like, what social network should I start with, or what’s the function of this network, etc?  Thanks to Flowtown for creating this social media cheat sheet.




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