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Infographic of the week: Facebook Graph Search and How it will change digital marketing…

With so much chatter and buzz going around about Facebook’s graph search I thought I would share this infographic brought you by Wedu. I like the first point they make about the “Like” becoming an important metric again. It will be more important than ever to really grow your local fan base in hopes that one of their connections is in need of services your business has to offer. A “like gate,” has become an essential for many of my clients to grow their fan bases organically. But, this year Facebook will force us to be more aggressive with our FB marketing strategies essentially forcing us to spend money. Do you think it is worth? Is fan generation in your budget this year?

Infographic of the week: New Years Stay Fit starting with eliminating sugar!

The New Year is for new beginnings and a fresh start. The most popular New Year’s resolution is getting into shape, or changing eating habits. Whatever way you want to put it, it’s about getting fit. I often tweet great info on staying in shape and eating right to stay fit. Since many people I know seem to have jumped on the wagon I came across this awesome infographic about sugar consumption that is a great visual wake up call on how easy it is to consume way too much sugar. Why is it not good to consume sugar? Because that is what is making us fat! Well I’m eating fat free food how am I getting fat, you ask. That is a whole other story but, check out Pacific Fitness for their great write up on, how sugar makes you fat.

This just might make you think twice before drinking that Ice coffee!

Stay Fit!




Infograhic for health

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