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Infographic of the Week: There’s More to Social than Just Marketing




















With some many of the clients that I work with personally, just now finally “getting” social meaning now they are incorporating Social Media into their marketing strategies as well as their budgets. In reality social media in business is two-fold; ad-hoc and strategy focused strategy. This infographic brought to you by GetSatisfication is a great illustration on why you should use Social technologies throughout all of your business segments.


Social Media Infographic


Infographic of the Week: PPC keywords expensive, are you being strategic with your budget?

For my infographic of the week I came across WordStream, a provider of hosted software that automates most of the manual work involved with creating and optimizing both paid and natural search engine marketing campaigns, has done some research to discover which keyword categories fetch the highest costs per click in Google’s Adwords Solution. They conveniently created this great infographic and their research.

I remember the days when search marketing was still new, and the marketplace wasn’t competitive at all. Meaning for us advertisers cost per click was dirt-cheap. Now SEM is just a natural part of advertising the way TV, radio, and other traditional methods were/and are still. But, just because it’s the norm doesn’t mean this spend shouldn’t be analyzed. Think about adding in display with your efforts. Are you targeting people that are searching for your products, or marketing to people that have been to your website?

I’ve personally seen triple the amount of traffic to my client websites with budgets of the same costs of what might have been spent on SEM. So make sure that whatever agency or provider is showing you options and consulting you on the best way to spend your digital ad dollars.


Your Digital Diva

Tanesha White

Infographic of the Week: What you need to know about hashtags #Funfacts

Just last month flickr drops them from their platform, and Facebook is rumored to activate them. So what is it with #hashtags? This widely used symbol was once the pathway to hopefully finding a customer service representative, to helping organize groups in IRC networks, then eventually going mainstream in Twitter is all the buzz right now. So I thought this infographic created by Online Digital was perfect this week.



Hashtag Infographic

Digital Shot: Hashtags in Facebook Does Your Business Have a Plan?

Facebook Hashtag Digital Shot Tanesha White

It’s been too long since I’ve done a digital shot. Remember my purpose for this is just a quick thought on trending digital marketing and social trends. With all the lengthy publications out there it can get really overwhelming and quite frankly too time consuming. So when you just want the baby and not the delivery, take a digital shot from yours truly!

As you may recall from previous posts of mine such as, “my wish list for 2013” the use of hashtags is as bad of a pet peeve as bad drivers is to me. But now with all the buzz of Facebook considering using hashtags this could really help business small businesses to find the right people for marketing purposes.  All I can say is it’s about time because as you may have noticed every other major network has adopted the hash such as, Google+, Flickr, Pinterest, and of course Twitter.  Hashtags make information easier to find, especially if you give a unique hashtag to an event or topic of news that is currently hot. Socialites tag their content with a hashtag phrase identifier  and others can find it by searching such phrases.

Businesses could really leverage the use of hashtags on Facebook because of course tons of conversations are held  everyday, but if hashtags go live it would give the ability to search for relevant conversations around topics. This also would make it easier to monitor trending topics that are relevant to your business as well. If/ when Facebook does implement hashtags I would really like to see how it will advance targeting with Facebook ads. Remember hashtags aren’t implemented yet, but it never hurts to be prepared.


Tanesha White aka Digital Diva

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