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Infographic of the Week: Social is great but don’t Ignore Search

Years ago I remember when discussing search marketing with business owners was almost like talking about mythical creatures. Nowadays digital marketing is just part of the overall marketing plan, or at least should be. With so much buzz about social media marketing I think the basics tend to get diluted and almost lost at times. The biggest mistakes I see business owners make is getting caught up in the social media buzz and forgetting about search all together which is the most basic fundamental must do for any marketing strategy.

Did you know the search is still the number 1 driver to websites, beating out social media by 300%? Search allows you to be competitive and this is most important when considering that there are 175 billion global searches, yeah 92% of people use search everyday. While social media is just a slice of the digital strategy pie is important that you are first playing in the competitive field of search. The infographic that I chose today reiterates why search is important to your business and also provides a good list of tools to aide you in your keyword research.


Your Diva, Tanesha White

Infographic SEO tactics


Infographic Inspiring for Women top Cities

Infographic Inspiring for Women top Cities

We now live in a time where if we want something bad enough we go out there and get it! This is especially important to women because we have not always had it this way. Here is a great infographic on the top cities where women are getting it!
Your Digital Diva
Tanesha White

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