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One can of Hashtag Spam please, #nothankyou!

Now that Facebook has finally activated hashtags I’m hoping that this doesn’t open up a big can hashtag spam.  



I believe having the hashtags in Twitter were very helpful and the 140 character limit kept the hash under control minus the Dr.Oz weightloss miracle direct messages. But, I digress with that one! 

If businesses stay with the same mind set when using hashtags then carrying over utilization should be successful. When using a hashtag for business try to use one that is branded by you for example below is a screenshot from a client I have worked with. They are a pest control company. Their website is well branded as so it was very fitting to tag all of their useful tips with #stopzbugs. 



As you all know that hashtags are useful in grouping information around a topic, company, service, product, etc..  So as you see in this example it’s all the information that they have chosen to show using their hash. This will also be shown the same way in Facebook. 

Also be mindful when using broad keywords especially when you’re a business because all kinds of people could be using it in a negative context and it most likely won’t be something you want your brand associated with. Choose to use keywords specific to your industry for example, Scherzinger also used #termites, which links you to a feed that is full of pest industry related news so obviously relevant. 

So as you start to cross over and use hashtags in Facebook keep to the same methodologies and remember just because you have more characters to play with doesn’t mean to overcrowd your post with unnecessary hashtags. 

Your Diva,

Tanesha White

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