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Social Media Explained- Happy holiday weekend!

Social Media Explained- Happy holiday weekend!

I came across this photo in my FB feed and it gave me a good chuckle. And well it’s a holiday weekend so I thought I might leave you on a happy note.
Have a safe holiday everyone!


Infographic of the week: Increase your interaction with social call to action

Is your social media management strategy looking a little stale? If a desert with slight wind blowing a tumbleweed across the landscape describes your social interaction then the first thing you should be looking at is your content. It’s amazing that even adding one little call to action such as, like this, share this, what do you think comment below, please RT, etc.. goes so far. By now you are successfully posting everyday and have themes incorporated with your content calendar. If you haven’t been getting the interaction form your social following then seriously consider adding some call to action in your next scheduled postings.

Thanks to the infographic below from Hubspots Dan Zarrella for conducting research over the past few years. Research has shown that interactions do indeed increase.


Your Digital Diva

Tanesha White 

Social call to actions Infographic

Digital Shot: Get out of the “Like Factory” and get more social


Facebook Hashtag Digital Shot Tanesha WhiteBy now most businesses small, medium, and large have a good hold on their social media management.  But, many are falling into the “like factory” which I like to call when people scroll through their wall and aimlessly like stuff without paying attention to who actually posted it. When you fall into this, social media doesn’t feel that exciting.  When you get to this point it’s time get more social with your social media marketing.

It’s surprising but common that most employees of businesses that keep up with their social networks aren’t interacting at all with their content. The first step to really getting social is to make sure that employees are involved. A good way to really give this strategy a kick start is to get your social following out of that rut of just randomly liking your funny dog pics and get them to want to come out to your location. This is great way for employees to get excited about what’s going on by actually seeing people come through the door. I worked with a client that really liked posting fun non traditional holidays such as, National Ice Cream Day. They really got into the spirit by offering ice cream sandwiches that day to people that came out to the store. This strategy is great for local businesses especially if you can be consistent.  If you want to generate some sales right away think about not only posting Happy Mothers day, but maybe giving a discount or a special coupon on that day.

I hope some of these ideas will help you take the steps to get out of the “like factory” and get more social.

Yours Truly,

Tanesha White

Digital Diva

Infographic of the Week: How social media changed our lives

Being in the digital marketing space it seems like all the information in my social feeds and email box is all about social media marketing this, and the top 5 steps in effective marketing that… It’s only natural that marketers talk about the marketing benefits of social media.  With that being said we seem to have lost sight that social media has really changed the world.  Never in my adult life have I ever read a newspaper accept the comics when I was kid:-) now breaking news just comes to our social feeds. Social media has changed the way the way kids communicate in school, how law enforcement catch criminals, etc..  This infographic of the week displays all the ways that social media has really changed our lives minus the marketing.



Digital Diva

Social Media Changed our lives

Enjoyed this infographic? Check out and explore our zip code and area code directories.

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