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Infographic of the week: Why you should be using them


Happy Friday everyone!

This week’s infographic is an oldie but a goodie, only because it’s what inspired me to share infographics in the first place. In today’s world we’re exposed to so much information. In the morning I have to stay rather strict on my routine because it’s so easy to become distracted. Did you know that 99% of that information is filtered out of the brain almost immediately? Crazy, but I guess it’s a necessity to keep our sanity. But of that 99% of information, 90% of it is visual and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Since I am part of the 65% of the population that is a visual learner I like to pass on things that can easily be digested to my other fellow 65%’ers. Let this information soak in and think about how you can apply this to your marketing strategy. Remember it’s all about how you’re presenting your information.

Fun fact: The stats of my blog shows growth of 50% more traffic from last year since I decided to share infographics. I guess there are a lot more people out there like me who are overloaded with info and just need a pretty picture that gets to the point without all the text! Like I say, “give me the baby, not the delivery.”

Have a great weekend,

Tanesha White

Infographics for marketing


(Image source via Neo Mammalian Studios)


Throwback Infographic of the week: Guide to Online Marketing

Instead of throwback Thursday I found this throwback infographic today, and we can pretend it’s Thursday:-) This infographic by the gang at SEOMoz was created in 2011and happens to be one of my favs. What’s ironic about it is that nothing has really changed over the past few years except for the social media aspect. This guide gives you all the tools and tips to get that social strategy started, but there’s definitely a lot more to social marketing than this infographic displays.

What would you add to it?


Tanesha aka Digital Divia

Guide to successful marketing Infographic

Infographic of the week: 80 entertaining rules of social media


Our world of social media is definitely an ever changing landscape. The rules are constantly changing to where rules are just blurred lines. Just a couple weeks ago Facebook finally cracked and allowed contest to be held directly on timelines, which I’m not sure if businesses really complied with that rule 100%. Just sayin….

I came across the infographic by Jeremy Waite who laid out some entertaining rules to follow with social media mainly pointing out the mere reality of what’s happened, do’s  and don’ts,  and went wrongs.  Lessons to be learned like don’t slow down social momentum after a campaign has stopped such as in rule #36 #oldspiceguy where is he now?  And we all know this person in rule #7, please don’t be this guy or even the person in rule #29 you social specialist you! . Or a real dose of reality when measuring metrics in rule #23.

Enjoy, I know I did!

Tanesha White AKA ~Digital Diva

80-rules-social-media Infographic

Source:  Jeremy Waite

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