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Infographic of the week: Linkedin Profile Must Haves

Did you know that half of Linkedin user’s have a profile that is 100% complete? Is this you? Whether you’re using Linkedin to find a job, prospect for new clients, researching other people, or just want to show off your awesomeness use this infographic as a checklist. Number 3 in my opinion should be Number 1. It amazes me how many profiles I come across with unprofessional pictures. By unprofessional these would be pics acceptable for a Facebook profile not a professional network.

What must have is the most important to you?

By Tanesha White




Inforgraphic How to Create a rockstar Linkedin Profile



Infographic of the week: Privacy, How are you really being tracked?

I often get questions on how online behavior is tracked.  It can be looked at as either really cool on how marketers can use this information, or it can be really scary because of the profiles that are being created about us. I came across this infographic that gives the perfect visual of all the good the bad and ugly of what and how your information is being tracked and  most importantly what you can do about it.


Tanesha White





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