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Infographic of the week: Linkedin Profile Must Haves

Did you know that half of Linkedin user’s have a profile that is 100% complete? Is this you? Whether you’re using Linkedin to find a job, prospect for new clients, researching other people, or just want to show off your awesomeness use this infographic as a checklist. Number 3 in my opinion should be Number 1. It amazes me how many profiles I come across with unprofessional pictures. By unprofessional these would be pics acceptable for a Facebook profile not a professional network.

What must have is the most important to you?

By Tanesha White




Inforgraphic How to Create a rockstar Linkedin Profile



Infographic of the week: Privacy, How are you really being tracked?

I often get questions on how online behavior is tracked.  It can be looked at as either really cool on how marketers can use this information, or it can be really scary because of the profiles that are being created about us. I came across this infographic that gives the perfect visual of all the good the bad and ugly of what and how your information is being tracked and  most importantly what you can do about it.


Tanesha White





Parents need to know about the update in Facebook

As a marketer I really do appreciate Zuckerberg’s vision of making the world more open and more connected. But, as a parent I don’t like the idea of kids status updates being public. Up until Oct 16th when teens posted it defaulted to “friends of friends” with the option to change it. Then it went to a more narrow default option to just “friends”, which I was totally on board with, but now teens in that 13-17 age range will now have the option to share publicly. Although this is an option and I wouldn’t think a majority would actually select it this is important for parents to know that even if you think you’ve set those privacy settings to your liking, that option WILL be there.

Thankfully there will be a message that will warn you that you will be sharing with everyone, not just people you know.Teen Privacy in Social Networks

In addition, “Follow” has been enabled for teens as well. As a marketer yes that’s great because if you share something “publicly” then it will show in your friends and FOLLOWERS news feeds. Works great if you have a message to share and want to be sure it gets to their wall. But, keep this in mind a Follower DOES NOT need to be a friend. So if some creepy man wants to follow your daughter he can, but will only see posts if they are public. So please have a talk with your teens about Social etiquette, and privacy settings.

And if it helps give an example of who might be creeping around….

This guy


Infographic of the week: Does your Facebook Page need a little operation?

Now that Facebook has officially rolled out new Page analytics to everyone I’m sure you’ve been diving in taking a closer look to see how you can improve the performance of your page through the newly structured data. This is also a good idea to look at your strategy again as well. The infographic below brought to us by Shortstack gives some great pointers on what you can do to improve engagement and what can enhance it such as, adding call to action (CTA) to the caption of your photos or utilizing ads effectively.

So enjoy and give your Facebook page a facelift.

Tanesha White

Digital Diva


Facebook Page Must do's

People, you can live in peace with Sponsored ads in your activity feeds.

It happens ever so often that I see a complaint in my news feed about annoying sponsored ads. I get it, what was once just a social space to be only taken up by your friends, family, and not real friends has slowly been hijacked by big Brands and local businesses.  In order for social networks to be able to offer us free usage they need to make money some how right? So let’s not be too picky.

I realize that there is a rat race of data collection going on, one of the biggest things Facebook is honing in on is location based data building. I wasn’t surprised to see that they partnered up with IT powerhouse Cisco, to offer Facebook login for businesses that have Cisco wifi. Genius right?

Then of course today we see that Instagram is rolling out sponsored ads on our activity walls. Sure it will be slowly fed to us by only brands who have a big following in the network, but soon it will be open to the localized level I imagine just like Facebook, and Twitter.

To keep your sanity with all the sponsored ads everywhere keep in mind they most are based off of your behavior and habits. (I say most, because there still is a good share of badly targeted marketing out there).Remember the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise? Below is the advertising seen, which I absolutely love because advertising keeps evolving and the way that we marketers get creative to target consumers is exciting but, eye scans? I could actually see that.

My point is, knowing that most online marketing is based off your behavior  follow these 4 steps below to ensure a better user experience.

1. Do a sweep of all your social networks that you’ve provided information to such as interests, and hobbies. If your interests have changed then update them. Be honest about what you like.

2. Only “like” brands, companies, pictures, etc…. that you actually do like. Kinda makes sense right?

3. To stop unrelated banner ads from following you around the internet limit the use of family or friends using your computer under your user name. Create and use a guest account.

4. It doesn’t hurt to clean your cache every once in a while:-)



Happy Friday,

Tanesha White

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Infographic of the week: Why you should be using them


Happy Friday everyone!

This week’s infographic is an oldie but a goodie, only because it’s what inspired me to share infographics in the first place. In today’s world we’re exposed to so much information. In the morning I have to stay rather strict on my routine because it’s so easy to become distracted. Did you know that 99% of that information is filtered out of the brain almost immediately? Crazy, but I guess it’s a necessity to keep our sanity. But of that 99% of information, 90% of it is visual and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Since I am part of the 65% of the population that is a visual learner I like to pass on things that can easily be digested to my other fellow 65%’ers. Let this information soak in and think about how you can apply this to your marketing strategy. Remember it’s all about how you’re presenting your information.

Fun fact: The stats of my blog shows growth of 50% more traffic from last year since I decided to share infographics. I guess there are a lot more people out there like me who are overloaded with info and just need a pretty picture that gets to the point without all the text! Like I say, “give me the baby, not the delivery.”

Have a great weekend,

Tanesha White

Infographics for marketing


(Image source via Neo Mammalian Studios)

Throwback Infographic of the week: Guide to Online Marketing

Instead of throwback Thursday I found this throwback infographic today, and we can pretend it’s Thursday:-) This infographic by the gang at SEOMoz was created in 2011and happens to be one of my favs. What’s ironic about it is that nothing has really changed over the past few years except for the social media aspect. This guide gives you all the tools and tips to get that social strategy started, but there’s definitely a lot more to social marketing than this infographic displays.

What would you add to it?


Tanesha aka Digital Divia

Guide to successful marketing Infographic

Infographic of the week: 80 entertaining rules of social media


Our world of social media is definitely an ever changing landscape. The rules are constantly changing to where rules are just blurred lines. Just a couple weeks ago Facebook finally cracked and allowed contest to be held directly on timelines, which I’m not sure if businesses really complied with that rule 100%. Just sayin….

I came across the infographic by Jeremy Waite who laid out some entertaining rules to follow with social media mainly pointing out the mere reality of what’s happened, do’s  and don’ts,  and went wrongs.  Lessons to be learned like don’t slow down social momentum after a campaign has stopped such as in rule #36 #oldspiceguy where is he now?  And we all know this person in rule #7, please don’t be this guy or even the person in rule #29 you social specialist you! . Or a real dose of reality when measuring metrics in rule #23.

Enjoy, I know I did!

Tanesha White AKA ~Digital Diva

80-rules-social-media Infographic

Source:  Jeremy Waite

Social Media Explained- Happy holiday weekend!

Social Media Explained- Happy holiday weekend!

I came across this photo in my FB feed and it gave me a good chuckle. And well it’s a holiday weekend so I thought I might leave you on a happy note.
Have a safe holiday everyone!

Infographic of the week: Increase your interaction with social call to action

Is your social media management strategy looking a little stale? If a desert with slight wind blowing a tumbleweed across the landscape describes your social interaction then the first thing you should be looking at is your content. It’s amazing that even adding one little call to action such as, like this, share this, what do you think comment below, please RT, etc.. goes so far. By now you are successfully posting everyday and have themes incorporated with your content calendar. If you haven’t been getting the interaction form your social following then seriously consider adding some call to action in your next scheduled postings.

Thanks to the infographic below from Hubspots Dan Zarrella for conducting research over the past few years. Research has shown that interactions do indeed increase.


Your Digital Diva

Tanesha White 

Social call to actions Infographic

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