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Infographic of the Week: Social Media Usage other than Marketing

When it comes to social media small businesses really have an advantage. Sure big brands get the amplification and viral juice from their national/global visibility, but when you get down to the localized brick and mortar businesses that’s where you can take advantage of personalization and real relationships.

In this infographic below, courtesy of Michael Nelson, “The Cogent Coach”, displays how small businesses can leverage social media other than for marketing usage.


Tanesha W

Digital Diva

Social Media for small Businesses


Infographic of the week: Local Business Owners What Social Network Have You Adopted?

I came across this infographic on Business 2 Business Community that shares some interesting comparisons between local business and national brand usage of social network use to reach customers. The fact that Facebook is the only network where local businesses have reached the same adoption as national brands isn’t that surprising. Businesses “get” Facebook they understand that it’s just part of our lifestyles, so it just makes sense to be there.

Other networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Google plus, etc… really requires more strategic direction for local businesses to really leverage these non Facebook networks. Local businesses will adopt using these networks once more understanding on how consumers  are using them. If you aren’t working with an experienced agency, as a small business owner you need to join these networks and actually participate to see how they are being used. Make them apart of your lifestyle and then think of ways that you can incorporate them in your business.

Good luck!


Infographic Social media

Social Media Numbers of 2012, Are you surprised?

Tanesha White Social Media Numbers for 2012What was the record breaking retweet?  What is the most active country on Facebook? Number of times the +1 button is pushed per day. Questions answered and many more interesting numbers can be found below thanks to Royal Pingdom. If you would like to see overall numbers on the internet for 2012 be sure to check out their blog.

I also included the mobile numbers of 2012 as well because I think this is a valuable prediction of what will be important for marketers this year. With mobile usage steadily rising and with it being a direct line into staying connected in the social atmosphere social media and mobile strategies are key in any businesses digital strategy.



Your Diva;-)


Social 2012 numbers

  • 85,962 – Number of monthly posts per Facebook Page in Brazil, the most active country on Facebook.
  • 1 billion – Number of monthly active users on Facebook, passed in October.
  • 47% – Percentage of Facebook users that are female.
  • 40.5 years – Average age of a Facebook user.
  • 2.7 billion – Number of likes on Facebook every day.
  • 24.3% – Share of the top 10,000 websites that have Facebook integration.
  • 200 million – Monthly active users on Twitter, passed in December.
  • 819,000+ – Number of retweets of Barack Obama’s tweet “Four more years”, the most retweets ever.
  • 327,452 – Number of tweets per minute when Barack Obama was re-elected, the most ever.
  • 729,571 – Number of messages per minute when the Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo saw 2012 finish and 2013 start.
  • 9.66 million – Number of tweets during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 olympics.
  • 175 million – Average number of tweets sent every day throughout 2012.
  • 37.3 years – Average age of a Twitter user.
  • 307 – Number of tweets by the average Twitter user.
  • 51 – Average number of followers per Twitter user.
  • 163 billion – the number of tweets since Twitter started, passed in July.
  • 123 – Number of heads of state that have a Twitter account.
  • 187 million – Number of members on LinkedIn (September).
  • 44.2 years – Average age of a Linkedin user.
  • 135 million – Number of monthly active users on Google+.
  • 5 billion – How many times per day the +1 button on Google+ is used.
  • 20.8% – Usage share of HootSuite as a social media management tool among the world’s top 100 brands.


    • 1.1 billion – Number of global smartphone subscribers.
    • 6.7 billion – Number of mobile subscriptions.
    • 5 billion – Number of mobile phone users.
    • 5.3 billion – Number of mobile handsets.
    • 1.3 billion – Number of smartphones in use worldwide by end of 2012.
    • 465 million – Number of Android smartphones sold in 2012, a 66% market share.
    • 31% – Percentage of the U.S. Internet population that used a tablet or e-reader.
    • 13% – Mobile share of global Internet traffic.
    • 5 billion – Number of mobile broadband subscriptions.
    • 1.3 exabytes – Estimated global mobile data traffic per month in 2012.
    • 59% – Share of global mobile data traffic that was video.
    • 500 megabytes – Amount of monthly data traffic consumed by the average smartphone.
    • 504 kbps – The average mobile network connection speed globally (all handsets).
    • 1,820 kbps – The average mobile network connection speed globally (smartphones).

Social Media Habits to kick for 2012 and My wish List for 2013 for Laughs


Well here it is my last post of 2012. I must say it has been a great year and I hope you all have had a great one as well!

New Years is all about having a fresh start right? Well think about all the blunders you may have had diving into social media or even in the digital marketing realm. I compiled a list for businesses and I couldn’t help but to add my personal list 😉

1. Stop ignoring your website! Vow to always keep your content updated, oh this was so last month….

2. Social Management tools are awesome, but don’t schedule and forget. Example, scheduling out all of your posts and then forgetting to engage when consumers or friends are responding to them:-(

3. Social Media tools continued… Schedule in appropriate formats. Many people and businesses will post using hashtags but will send out the feed to facebook as well…. again Hashtags serve no purpose in Facebook.

4. Don’t delegate the responsibility of your social media management just because they like Facebook. Social platforms have grown into very sophisticated marketing platforms. Leaving your strategy up to an amateur is wreckless, would you want someone with no experience in advertising placing your media buys?

5. Online reviews are part of your digital strategy. If you aren’t monitoring your online reputation that doesn’t mean people aren’t talking about your business. Many of the review sites are integrated with social platforms allowing it to be shared, the good and the bad! So take control and start monitoring and encouraging reviews from customers. 85% of consumers will turn to another business if they see more negative than positive reviews.

Personal  top 5 wish list:

1. Auto posting from twitter to facebook. You retweeting and @ replying the homies is irrelevant in your Facebook feed. just sayin….

2. I really would like to stop seeing the morbid pictures soliciting for a like. You know what I’m talking about, the baby sitting in a pile of cigarettes with the caption, “Like, if you love babies” come on seriously??? But the funny part is it’s posted by a page called “who’s your daddy” <— pay attention to the like source.. LMBO

3. I would like to see a warning sign pop up before you post a status to facebook. Example “do you really feel this is appropriate to share to hundreds of people who do not care, or would you like to send this as a text message for the person this is intended for?”

4. I would like for a celebrity to actually tweet me back once in a while (come on Beebs…jk seriously)

5. Please stop complaining about privacy on the internet because that helps me bring value to businesses to target you with relevant ads 😉

Happy New Year!

Kick the Bad Habits of 2012!

Digital Marketing Bad habits

Infographic of the Week- 2013 Integrated Digital Marketing

With 2012 quickly coming to an end have you really sat down to take a look at how you’re going to execute your digital marketing strategy? Really think about what areas you or your business has concentrated on this year and ask yourself, did I really cover all grounds of an effective strategy? This year has really been the big year for social media, but a lot of businesses put so much emphasis on it that many have forgotten the basics such as SEO, or having a mobile site. 2013 is the year that I believe many businesses are really going to hone in and put all the pieces together to create effective digital marketing strategies.

The infographic below which was featured in Social Media Today gives a great visual of exactly what an integrated digital marketing strategy is composed of.


Enjoy and Happy New Year!




Infographic of the week: What was the big change in SEO for 2012

Oh the good old days of being able to stuff your website full of delicious keywords only to get crawled and indexed in the search engines for all the world to see. The internet has definitely evolved as consumers have driven the demand for relevant content up. It’s only natural right? We use the internet 80% of the time to search for things so it only makes sense for search engines to tighten up there algorithms and serve us great content!

Explaining the changes in SEO techniques has been the hottest subject behind social media. This week’s infographic is a great visual that shows the old SEO techniques in comparison to what NEEDS to be done today. While looking at this, have you been caught up in the social media bandwagon and have forgotten about the basic steps in driving traffic to your website?  If you haven’t done anything with SEO in the past couple of years or if you have someone doing it monthly start to question their techniques. Has it evolved with the new demands of the search engines or are they still sticking with the old ways?

Infographic of SEO changes


Source: Fuzzone

Infographic of the Week: Tis the season of giving, through social media

It is the season for giving after all so this infographic seemed very fitting! I’m sure most of us have a charity that we like to give too especially during the holiday season, but 2012 has definitely exposed a lot more “great causes,” out there that we typically may not here of.  Social Media has given so many organizations the ability to attract young people because donating online has become very trendy. Since so many young people are willing to give networks make it easy to contribute with a simple click.

Have you donated to an organization using Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform this year?

Enjoy this infographic!

Infographic showing charity through social media






























































































Source: MDGAvertising


Infographic of the Week: 2012 Year of Integration

The one major thing I love about infographics is being able to see analytical numbers and all the nerdy data that comes along with the internet in a nice pretty picture. My pick for infographic of the week is this: 2012 The Year of Integration. As a user of the internet it really doesn’t occur how much information is being tracked about your profile or really how many times per day you’re exposed to user generated content. But, as a marketing professional I’m forced to dive into these numbers on daily basis to effectively make the right marketing decisions.Didl you know that 90% of the world’s data was just created within the last 2 years? This and many other interesting facts you will find here. Enjoy!




Digital Shot of the Week: Future Advertising, Minority Report movie doesn’t seem that far off.

Over the weekend I caught a glimpse of Minority Report, which has always been the movie that has set the expectations on how the future will be.  If you haven’t seen make sure you catch it on Netflix. Anyway, after reading a confirmation that Facebook ads will display on external networks really made one part of the movie stand out to me. Remember the clip below when Tom Cruises’s character is walking through the building and all along the way the  ads are specifically targeted towards. All from reading the data scanned from his retinas. I know that seems far fetched right now, but as a consumer think of all the data that give you out everyday on the internet. Google has been collecting your information and interests for who knows how long, and now soon all the things that you’ve liked, or disliked on Facebook will now allow advertisers to target you accordingly.

So enjoy the clip below and give me your feedback.

Your, Dig Diva



Infographic of the Week: Come on Where’s your Mobile Manners?

In the U.S there are more active cell phones than the number our human population so no wonder cellphone etiquette is diminishing. I recall several times being in a public place such as an airport and over the noise of everything going on around me there was always “this guy.” You know the guy/woman who is talking so loudly that you would think they were using a megaphone. I came across this infographic and couldn’t help myself. Some very interesting facts in some humorous visuals, you can’t go wrong.

What public place “that guy,” made unenjoyable for you or just flat out annoyed you?

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