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Social Media Habits to kick for 2012 and My wish List for 2013 for Laughs


Well here it is my last post of 2012. I must say it has been a great year and I hope you all have had a great one as well!

New Years is all about having a fresh start right? Well think about all the blunders you may have had diving into social media or even in the digital marketing realm. I compiled a list for businesses and I couldn’t help but to add my personal list 😉

1. Stop ignoring your website! Vow to always keep your content updated, oh this was so last month….

2. Social Management tools are awesome, but don’t schedule and forget. Example, scheduling out all of your posts and then forgetting to engage when consumers or friends are responding to them:-(

3. Social Media tools continued… Schedule in appropriate formats. Many people and businesses will post using hashtags but will send out the feed to facebook as well…. again Hashtags serve no purpose in Facebook.

4. Don’t delegate the responsibility of your social media management just because they like Facebook. Social platforms have grown into very sophisticated marketing platforms. Leaving your strategy up to an amateur is wreckless, would you want someone with no experience in advertising placing your media buys?

5. Online reviews are part of your digital strategy. If you aren’t monitoring your online reputation that doesn’t mean people aren’t talking about your business. Many of the review sites are integrated with social platforms allowing it to be shared, the good and the bad! So take control and start monitoring and encouraging reviews from customers. 85% of consumers will turn to another business if they see more negative than positive reviews.

Personal  top 5 wish list:

1. Auto posting from twitter to facebook. You retweeting and @ replying the homies is irrelevant in your Facebook feed. just sayin….

2. I really would like to stop seeing the morbid pictures soliciting for a like. You know what I’m talking about, the baby sitting in a pile of cigarettes with the caption, “Like, if you love babies” come on seriously??? But the funny part is it’s posted by a page called “who’s your daddy” <— pay attention to the like source.. LMBO

3. I would like to see a warning sign pop up before you post a status to facebook. Example “do you really feel this is appropriate to share to hundreds of people who do not care, or would you like to send this as a text message for the person this is intended for?”

4. I would like for a celebrity to actually tweet me back once in a while (come on Beebs…jk seriously)

5. Please stop complaining about privacy on the internet because that helps me bring value to businesses to target you with relevant ads 😉

Happy New Year!

Kick the Bad Habits of 2012!

Digital Marketing Bad habits


Digital Shot of the Week: Future Advertising, Minority Report movie doesn’t seem that far off.

Over the weekend I caught a glimpse of Minority Report, which has always been the movie that has set the expectations on how the future will be.  If you haven’t seen make sure you catch it on Netflix. Anyway, after reading a confirmation that Facebook ads will display on external networks really made one part of the movie stand out to me. Remember the clip below when Tom Cruises’s character is walking through the building and all along the way the  ads are specifically targeted towards. All from reading the data scanned from his retinas. I know that seems far fetched right now, but as a consumer think of all the data that give you out everyday on the internet. Google has been collecting your information and interests for who knows how long, and now soon all the things that you’ve liked, or disliked on Facebook will now allow advertisers to target you accordingly.

So enjoy the clip below and give me your feedback.

Your, Dig Diva



Digital Shot of the Week: Don’t be “that guy” The guide to Social Media Awkwardness

My inspiration for this quick digital shot came to me because of something that has grown into quite a pet peeve. Seeing things in your newsfeed that can completely annoy you, or for me looking at a client’s social presence and how they’re utilizing it can really jump on a nerve when it just becomes too much.

Here are my top annoyances that make me say, “you’re that guy.” The guide to Social Media Awkwardness.

1. Hashtags in inappropriate places

The use of Hashtags in Facebook is useless other than looking annoying. They do not link to other relevant information about your subject like Twitter or Linkedin so just stop it already. #swagg <—- see useless.

2. Sarcasm

You’re in typing, texting whatever…. We cannot hear the sarcasm in your voice so if you’re trying to be sarcastic you might just appear to be a jerk.

3. Insta-Annoying

So you downloaded your instagram app and now you want to take pictures of everything you come in contact with. Snapshot close up of your dogs eyes, your drunk uncle, in starbucks. That’s great you inspiring photographer you, but please don’t feel compelled to share to Facebook or Twitter every single time!

4. Privacy

So you’ve gotten the hang of privacy settings on Facebook (well sort of). Keep in mind even though you have custom sharing set on your Facebook computer version set doesn’t necessarily mean it’s like that for your mobile or tablet sharing. Here’s a cool pic of me taking shots at the bar via iphone….. oops my work contacts saw that? Awkward….

5. Profile Pic


I’ve mentioned this before in a previous blog, but it’s worth mentioning again. Know the difference in social platforms. Your Linkedin pic shouldn’t be camera shot from the bathroom mirror.




There are certainly many more examples of social awkwardness, what are some that you’ve come across?

Bottom line, just don’t be that guy!


Social Media Awkwardness

Okay, that’s just AWKWARD

Infographic of the week: Stats of 13 and under on Facebook

38% of kids under 12 years old are on facebook, that’s 7.5 million kids! This and other facts are found in this infographic. I found this infographic important because even parents that feel they may have prevented their kids from creating a social profile I believe some may be oblivious to their kids having one already. Only 36% of parents knew their children had a facebook. Facebook has already surpassed the “shocking facts” phase. Did you know 55% of teens give out personal information to someone they don’t know online? Are you friends with your kids on Facebook? Have you had discussion of rules on how to conduct themselves online?


Infographic Of the Week: Could you go days without your iPhone?

Seeing as how the long awaited iPhone 5 was announced this week I thought this week’s infographic was very appropriate. Smartphones  have intertwined themselves into almost every aspect of our lives, almost like some unforgiving addiction. This infographic brought to you by the awesome Mashable crew is a delicious visual of just how much smartphones rule our lives. And a down and dirty look at what people would give up instead of going without their iphones!


School is in Ready For A Hectic Life? Quick Tips to Stay in Control

So the beginning of the week is here not only meaning a new week of work but also the start of another school year. If you’re like me and every other hard working woman professional then I’m sure you can relate to feeling overwhelmed with the demands and responsibility of career, and family life. As usual I’m always on the look out for apps that simplify my chaotic life. 

ReQall- was a free app that I use to like very well because you could use voice commands to record any tasks, reminders, and whatever else you needed to remember throughout the week. But since SIRI, i honestly love just using my iphone calendar and reminders because SIRI has made it possible to do all of those things seamlessly.

Got Tweens? Then you know household chores are team effort.  Check out Homeroutines, it’s not free but for $3.99 and synching on multiple devices it’s pretty cool. Easily create the chore list and details then every person in the family can complete with a star. The great thing is that the checklists can automatically restart.

Have you ever tried Food on the Table? One of my biggest challenges is figuring out what in the world to cook. This cool site is free online meal planner that helps organize your weekly meals andeven better,  tells you where to get the best deals on groceries in your area. Sweet!

So now your totally in the know with everything in your calendar, the house is in order, and the fam is fed. Now you can do work!

Hopefully some of these tips help out. If you find anything useful please share!


Why You will Never Pay off Your Credit Card- Infographic of the Week

Did you know  the average American card holder owes $10,679? This infographic is an entertaining yet alarming picture that is sadly truthful to many Americans situation with credit card debt. Moral of the story if you have a ridiculous credit card balance pay more than minimum for crying out loud!



Infographic of the Week

Thanks to Hubspot. I thought this infographic was creative and entertaining all in one! Whether you want to admit it or not there are many ways to lure your audience, what did you commit?

Source: Hubspot

Is It really Monday? Something Worth Pinning

Blues from a long holiday weekend got you feeling like this? Here’s something worth Pinning!

# Enough Said

Use Social Media and Apps to Your Advantage to Stay Fit Part II

As promised I am continuing my post from last week, “Use Social Media and Apps to Your Advantage to Stay Fit.” Using social media and apps is definitely a passion, but I also am passionate about staying fit as a mom and a busy professional. So being able to marry technology and fitness is a plus.

Like I mentioned last week,

The two biggest obstacles to overcome is:

  • Motivation
  • Eating RIGHT

I mentioned different social networks and Facebook ideas to connect with like minded individuals to keep motivated aka, virtual workout partners. So needless to say the “motivation” piece was thoroughly covered! The biggest challenge and most important obstacle is “eating right.” I recently pinned this saying to my pinboard last week, and this has been a great motivation for me in really watching my calorie intake on a daily basis:

I know what you’re thinking, calorie counting… seriously?? Well Weight Watchers isn’t successful for no reason! All they did was interpret  calories into points which, is by default easier for people to understand. Well I’m here to tell you I’ve found a great app that can take all of the guess work out for you.

I recently downloaded the “My Fitness Pal” from iTunes and I have to say I’m really impressed. You basically enter in all of your information such as, height, weight, measurements, and your goals. This cool app allows you to keep a diary and will show you your progress mtd. It allows you to log all your meals, and activity on daily basis. What I love about this is that it has an extensive library of foods and activities ranging from work out routines and equipment used to just everyday house work. You can select the duration and it gives you an approximate number of calories that you burned. The food library not only has all the foods you can cook from home, it also  has foods on there from every restaurant you can think of and it even allows you to scan a barcode and logs instantly.  A great way to use this is if you’re indecisive on what to eat, because you can plug the food in and you might actually change your mind once seeing how many calories are in it –goodbye delicious frappe:-( I’ve tried numerous apps similar to this but, in my opinion this is superior and it’s free!

Now if you’re like me spending an hour on the eliptical is enough to bore you to tears. So to help spice up the workout I have always been a fan of the ” Nike Training for Women app.” This app has some great work out routines ranging from 15 to 45 minutes.  I really like how it categorizes by:

Beginner to Advanced

Cardio to Strength training

So if you’re late missing a class, just pick your workout and jam to your favorite Pandora playlist and get in the zone! What apps or social sites do you use?



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