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QR Codes the Small Business and Franchise Trend

I wanted to share this write up because I expressed my love for QR codes in a blog way back when. I totally agree that QR codes are growing popularity in small businesses and franchises because lets face it along with everything else digital it’s inexpensive to implement. Enjoy the article!
For franchise businesses and locations, making the most of current trends in social media sites and technology advances are a great ways to reach broader audiences online.  Social media outlets are significant franchise resources.  With this in mind, the buzz around Taco Bell’s recent QR Code promotion with MTV is a testament of the latest movement in social media towards the smartphone market. Many franchise industry experts are giving special notice to the merits of QR Codes.

While this type of marketing and franchise development services have generally been used by big-name corporations and larger businesses, their merits are being recognized by smaller businesses and franchises as well. The general public is creating a movement towards the digital market and these franchise resources are an excellent option for smaller businesses because they are relatively inexpensive to generate.

Since QR Codes can be printed on most anything, they are great option for smaller businesses looking for ways to bridge the gap between their physical location and an online presence for their customers.

A franchise website, Facebook page, Google Places account, or even a Yelp listing can be linked to a QR Code; by simply scanning whatever the code is printed on with their smartphone, customers are able to quickly access the linked webpage, increasing visibility for large and small businesses alike. Franchise development services such as QR Codes are quickly growing in popularity because of their ease and low cost.
Using QR Codes as franchise resources allows the codes to be updated with new information and locations, making it easier to promote locations without expiration dates like regular printed coupons.

A restaurant chain in Michigan used QR Codes to promote a new outlet opening, including the codes in ads, on posters and in newspapers around the University of Michigan campus. The franchise received about four thousand scans, which stands as a true testament of the viral power of these simple black and white squares. Cost is kept low because the codes can be generated at a low cost and the only additional cost comes from paying for whatever poster, pamphlet, or other printed material the code is being placed upon.
With the general public becoming more and more digitized, many franchise internet marketing experts maintain that QR Codes are destined to become one of the newest staples of marketing for franchisees and business owners alike.
Hope you enjoyed now scan away!
Tanesha White
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