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Digital Shot: Hashtags in Facebook Does Your Business Have a Plan?

Facebook Hashtag Digital Shot Tanesha White

It’s been too long since I’ve done a digital shot. Remember my purpose for this is just a quick thought on trending digital marketing and social trends. With all the lengthy publications out there it can get really overwhelming and quite frankly too time consuming. So when you just want the baby and not the delivery, take a digital shot from yours truly!

As you may recall from previous posts of mine such as, “my wish list for 2013” the use of hashtags is as bad of a pet peeve as bad drivers is to me. But now with all the buzz of Facebook considering using hashtags this could really help business small businesses to find the right people for marketing purposes.  All I can say is it’s about time because as you may have noticed every other major network has adopted the hash such as, Google+, Flickr, Pinterest, and of course Twitter.  Hashtags make information easier to find, especially if you give a unique hashtag to an event or topic of news that is currently hot. Socialites tag their content with a hashtag phrase identifier  and others can find it by searching such phrases.

Businesses could really leverage the use of hashtags on Facebook because of course tons of conversations are held  everyday, but if hashtags go live it would give the ability to search for relevant conversations around topics. This also would make it easier to monitor trending topics that are relevant to your business as well. If/ when Facebook does implement hashtags I would really like to see how it will advance targeting with Facebook ads. Remember hashtags aren’t implemented yet, but it never hurts to be prepared.


Tanesha White aka Digital Diva


Social Media Numbers of 2012, Are you surprised?

Tanesha White Social Media Numbers for 2012What was the record breaking retweet?  What is the most active country on Facebook? Number of times the +1 button is pushed per day. Questions answered and many more interesting numbers can be found below thanks to Royal Pingdom. If you would like to see overall numbers on the internet for 2012 be sure to check out their blog.

I also included the mobile numbers of 2012 as well because I think this is a valuable prediction of what will be important for marketers this year. With mobile usage steadily rising and with it being a direct line into staying connected in the social atmosphere social media and mobile strategies are key in any businesses digital strategy.



Your Diva;-)


Social 2012 numbers

  • 85,962 – Number of monthly posts per Facebook Page in Brazil, the most active country on Facebook.
  • 1 billion – Number of monthly active users on Facebook, passed in October.
  • 47% – Percentage of Facebook users that are female.
  • 40.5 years – Average age of a Facebook user.
  • 2.7 billion – Number of likes on Facebook every day.
  • 24.3% – Share of the top 10,000 websites that have Facebook integration.
  • 200 million – Monthly active users on Twitter, passed in December.
  • 819,000+ – Number of retweets of Barack Obama’s tweet “Four more years”, the most retweets ever.
  • 327,452 – Number of tweets per minute when Barack Obama was re-elected, the most ever.
  • 729,571 – Number of messages per minute when the Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo saw 2012 finish and 2013 start.
  • 9.66 million – Number of tweets during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 olympics.
  • 175 million – Average number of tweets sent every day throughout 2012.
  • 37.3 years – Average age of a Twitter user.
  • 307 – Number of tweets by the average Twitter user.
  • 51 – Average number of followers per Twitter user.
  • 163 billion – the number of tweets since Twitter started, passed in July.
  • 123 – Number of heads of state that have a Twitter account.
  • 187 million – Number of members on LinkedIn (September).
  • 44.2 years – Average age of a Linkedin user.
  • 135 million – Number of monthly active users on Google+.
  • 5 billion – How many times per day the +1 button on Google+ is used.
  • 20.8% – Usage share of HootSuite as a social media management tool among the world’s top 100 brands.


    • 1.1 billion – Number of global smartphone subscribers.
    • 6.7 billion – Number of mobile subscriptions.
    • 5 billion – Number of mobile phone users.
    • 5.3 billion – Number of mobile handsets.
    • 1.3 billion – Number of smartphones in use worldwide by end of 2012.
    • 465 million – Number of Android smartphones sold in 2012, a 66% market share.
    • 31% – Percentage of the U.S. Internet population that used a tablet or e-reader.
    • 13% – Mobile share of global Internet traffic.
    • 5 billion – Number of mobile broadband subscriptions.
    • 1.3 exabytes – Estimated global mobile data traffic per month in 2012.
    • 59% – Share of global mobile data traffic that was video.
    • 500 megabytes – Amount of monthly data traffic consumed by the average smartphone.
    • 504 kbps – The average mobile network connection speed globally (all handsets).
    • 1,820 kbps – The average mobile network connection speed globally (smartphones).

Digital Shot for the Week: Stop Messing With My Edgerank!

Digital Marketing Tactics Tanesha Congrats you’ve worked hard and consistent at building your social crm by building a strong Facebook following. You’ve interacted, you followed all the tips such as posting Videos and photos for the most engagement, and you’ve even hosted contests. You might have even invested in software or painfully followed Facebook analytics to help you measure and calculate when it is the best time to post.

Yup just when you thought you had it all figured out. We are now all getting taunted by people experimenting with the edgerank algorithm very similar to the cat and mouse game that Google likes to play with their ranking algorithms. Facebook Edgerank

I have seen organic impressions drop by 50% in the past few weeks and so have many other people. In order to really counteract this substantial drop I advise taking another look at promoted posts. Use them to your advantage for posts that you really want seen whether it’s for a special offer to generate sales or a free ebook to generate leads. Have fun with it and see what kinds of posts are getting the most action, and not just the most impressions.

What promoted posts worked for you?


Tanesha White

Digital Diva

Oh No You Didn’t! Social Media Marketing Sins Not to Commit

With all the changes that we’ve all felt with Facebook you’re probably feeling the engagement meter has taken a dip. But, were you committing social media no-no’s before this even happened? So what am I talking about you ask?

As mainstream as social media is nowadays it still doesn’t surprise me how so many businesses still manage to make mistakes that will cost them there fan growth.

Social Media Marketing Tips


  • Out of control scheduling and link blasting– Third party scheduling posts, statuses, and tweets  is definitely a luxury I love as well, but some businesses have just gone out of control with it. You’ve basically set up your social and leave it on cruise control and then …. well you become unsocial. Not answering comments for days, or thanking for RTs etc…. I’m sure you’ve encountered this.
  • The Facebook Ad Junkie- Yeah so you’ve ran a few contests or promoted some cool stories and by doing so you’ve grown your fan base substantially. But, since the big up tick in new fans there hasn’t been anything interesting that has kept them engaged….. Soo I guess I’ll run another ad~ don’t be that guy
  • The all of sudden semi-automatic promoter- If you’re like me you probably forgot about some of the pages you liked on Facebook and because nothing else was really engaging about it was out of sight. Well out of the blue this page starts throwing out promotions left and right all in your wall space….. Yeah time to unsubscribe or unlike!
  • The Secret Social Promoter- You just posted a an awesome savings coupon or a redemption where all you have to do is say you saw this on a wall, but the employees at the counter have no idea about it.. #fail

These are just a few of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen businesses make. What encounters have you had?


Tanesha White

Thank You Facebook For the Voice Feature.

Finally, there isn’t any confusion on whether or not I’m as a page or as myself. It got quite annoying when one minute you could actually “like” something as yourself on pages you admin to the next day only liking as a page. Now to my pleasant surprise Facebook made it clear as day right across the top of the page.

Facebook Voice Feature

You can find it when you’re using Facebook as your profile and actually search and select the pages you manage (so you’re still viewing as yourself.)  The voice tab will be at the top right and you can easily toggle between yourself or as the page. Very convenient feature. I look forward to many new exciting features to come!

Whats on your feature wishlist?


Tanesha White

Promoted Facebook Status How Will You Use It?

I love Facebook and the surprises they bring. I was browsing my pages this morning and I came across a brand new button that seemed to magically appear because it surely wasn’t there yesterday, unless I missed it. This awesome button allows you to make your status update into a sponsored post for anyone who likes your page. With so much activity going on peoples newsfeeds especially if they like several pages and have lots of friends chances of them seeing your posts throughout the day are slim due to not being able to display all that activity.

Why is this feature great? Fact: Only 16% of Facebook users see the updates you post on your business page. The rest of the time you’ve got to hope and pray to the FB Gods that your posts are getting seen, or really track what times of day you’re getting the best reach. Now with a click of a button you can promote a status update just keep in mind that budget you set is a lifetime budget not a daily budget. You also can target by location just like a sponsored story or ad. Which is really convenient especially if your National and only want to run a regional post.

Unlike Facebook ads which primarily is used to gain and attract new people, promoted posts will really give brands the opportunity to engage with their fans, and because of this I really hope they use this carefully.  I use my Facebook for personal use like anyone outside of the digital marketing industry. And seeing things froma user perspective I really don’t want to see annoying sponsored links about some sale. Or if you’re a big retailer please do not sponsor the same sales that you send to my email Everyday~ remain nameless. I haven’t tried this out yet, but looking forward to experimenting soon.

How are you going to use promoted posts?


Tanesha White






Facebook Pages Now really Build Your Brand

Okay so now that I’ve actually had time to look into  the New Facebook Page in more detail and also reading in depth on the Facebook Pages Policy.

So many people are ranting that the new Facebook Pages is death to businesses marketing capability. But in reality after playing with with it a bit more, sure we lost the ability the to have a default landing page, but I believe the gain for having a cover photo instead of those small photos that use to be there gives businesses more of the branding opportunity. It actually goes in line with the real strategy of social media . Sure you can have all this call to action and on and on, but seriously? Social Media has allowed us to amplify our brand and stay in front of consumers where they are ie.. facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc..

I’m excited to see the change because this will force us all to be more creative, and once again adjust to this shift. Another thing I’m happy to see all of the garbage pages disappear. You know the ones that aren’t real business, but just want you to like it and add no value whatsoever just to blast you with spammy links, Yeah those.

For small businesses the page change will force you to get more involved with your business brand. Rather than just passing off social strategy to an outside agency or a kid in the basement, they could pretty much create the call to action pages and let them sit on cruise control. Now that all those distractions are gone with trying to keep up with facebook landing pages take a step back and really think about your Brand. For larger corporations I am looking forward to seeing many turn on the messaging feature which allows fans to send direct messages through fanpages. We are so accustomed with live chat I think this would be an easy transition for the general public. I just think of the many times I’ve been sitting on hold it would be nice to send a direct message to get an issue resolved. On the business side this would be easy to implement because with the Facebook pages comes different levels admins. So you can delegate the customer service to have access just for the messages. This will be a great addition!

I love the ability to pin post and have them showcase at the top, well for seven days at least. Think of those times when you had a customer post a great review of your product or service only to see it get covered by other posts within 24 hours. Now at least you can control what you want showcased.

So long story short no need to panic about the new change. Just keep an eye on big brands to get ideas if you’re a small business. Remember you don’t have to be guru just concentrate on what your brand and start thinking about how you’re setting up your community management levels.

Check out their timeline history to get some ideas.


Ford motor company – Not really digging the cover photo (at this time 3-7-12 it’s a building) let’s see when this changes…  but the timeline is a nice blast in the past of the evolution of cars.



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