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Timeline for Fan Pages and Being Prepared

So are you done griping about the Facebook Timeline? Now you love it right? Personally I love the new layout and it’s got me anticipating on how this will look when they flip the switch for Fan Pages. 

Just think that cool cover, is no longer thumbnails of your most recent pictures. Now you can actually have a BIG professional banner, maybe displaying a big event or something special. Now that wall isn’t just a garble of “stories” Info overload, p.s. thank you for the status ticker FB, yet kind of annoying. With the new timeline layout just think you can choose what story you want to show up big at attention on the left. And not to mention the milestones that you can add in for your company. Are your wheels turning?

Although Facebook has not disclosed when they plan to make the switch for Fan Pages to the timeline format, it never hurts to be prepared!

Get comfortable with your new Timeline format. By comfortable I mean very familiar. Enhance your profile using all the new tools available ie… Life Events (very cool)

Brainstorm on how you would use it to your advantage for your business, like the examples above.

As of right now my list of pros definitely out weigh any minor cons of the new format. Then it makes you wonder about the companies that have had a lot of negative outcomes through out the years, now there’s an interesting Timeline!





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