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Your youth has flocked from Facebook, No not really!

You’ve probably read numerous publications and have seen so many stats that have been telling you that  teens are leaving Facebook. If you’re a brand that carries a product for this hardcore demographic then those stats probably freaked you out a little bit.

Teens leave facebook

But, hopefully you’ve had SME’s or really awesome “in the know” agency partners that have brought clarity to this nonsense.

Truth of the matter is teens didn’t run away screaming like Facebook hosted the infection that begun the zombie apocalypse or anything like that, they simply gravitated to more visually stimulating networks that don’t call for much dialogue such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine and not to mention where parents might be scarce.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 2.41.59 PM

According to the stats on the left young audiences still make up the majority share demographic for Facebook and is projected to hold that title through 2017. In reality they haven’t left Facebook now has to share the space with fast growing social networks that are catering to the youth slightly better.

Harvard studies have showed the shift in personalities and communication skills that the internet and social networks created. We’re demanding information fast and the instant gratification of receiving it. Also the satisfaction of narcissistic behavior can be satisfied faster with networks like Instagram, Vine, or Snapchat.

Knowing this information brands just need to get more creative and do some more fact finding and become power users of these networks themselves. Really try to understand how the younger audience is utilizing them. Understand the psychology of this younger generation and cater to the “it’s all about me” mentality. How can your brand make it about these users? Nowadays everyone wants to be an internet superstar why not showcase and share some of what your young audience is doing with your brand.

PS4 Social marketing

Don’t be afraid to jump in conversations about it. For example PS4 is doing a great job of interacting with their fans and showcasing them with their Greatness Awaits campaign. Telling fans to take stills of their awesome gameplay moments and having the opportunity to get showcased on the Playstation website for people to vote is how it should be done. When it comes to social networks don’t get discouraged or worked up thinking the end is near once you feel you’ve “gotten” a network down. Just be adaptable and ready for change are bring it on!


More Link Juice for Twitter as Hashtags and Username links Now Appear in Facebook Posts

This is very cool I came across this article this morning Here’s a clip below:

Twitter users have been able to post links to Facebook via the microblog service for some time, and now it appears that Facebook is adding links for hashtags and usernames. The feature is identical to the way that it adds previews for URLs included in status updates.

Here’s a status update on Facebook (sent via Twitter) that shows the link for hashtags:

fb twitter 520x135 Twitter set for visibility boost as hashtag and username links now appear in Facebook status updates

Read the Full Article here

So what does this mean for businesses that have a Twitter and Facebook? It means more exposure especially for the business brand on Twitter. If businesses have branded a hashtag that tweeps are familiar with this is going to be a way to really cross pollinate with their Facebook following. And really introduce some people to microblogging if they really haven’t been exposed yet. Yes this finally means that the majority will finally understand the purpose of a hashtag in the first place since the use of them has crossed over to Facebook as a form of expression rather than organizing conversation. I will be curious to see spikes of engagement and new followers.


Tanesha White

My Certificate For the Facebook Summit 2011!

The Facebook Success Summit 2011 was such great seminar! I absolutely enjoyed all the speakers ranging from Marketing Directors from Nationwide companies to authors in the industry. If you didn’t have a chance to catch it you missed out on topics such as: 10 Ways to Bring  the Power of Facebook to your website, and How to Measure Facebook Campaigns.

This was a great way to get insight on how larger companies are utilizing social networks. It would leave me brainstorming on how to scale it down to work for small businesses. Stay tuned for 2012, In this ever changing industry you’ve got to stay in “the know” and these seminars are such a convenient way of doing it!

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