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Google Plus Search Equals Business

So much talk about Google Plus- is going to fail will it crush Facebook etc…..

Well everyone always knew there was a motive behind the search giants plan, I mean come on when you rule the internet for so long what else is there to do? Take over the world… lol Well Google has always been about making sure that they’re serving up the most relevant information to it’s consumers. Because lets face it, Google has turned us into the most instant gratification craving society in history. It’s taken away a need to really think… because why do that when you can “google” what you’re looking for? But, that’s a whole other topic in itself! 

So anyway you’ve seen the announcement 2 days ago on how you’re Google Plus network influences the search results for what you’re looking for, well I didn’t really want to write anything about until I experienced it for myself. Since the tapering of the Google Plus “invite only” phase I’ve encouraged businesses to be sure to promote your site to get plus oned…. for at least the consumers that have a Google plus.  So far I like what I see and I know Google is all about making the search experience as user friendly as possible. Well how genuis is it to serve the content that has been endorsed by people within your network??  Absolutely Awesome!!  And by looking at how it is served up today it’s ranked higher than a paid search! You hear bells?

This is yet another way for small businesses to compete in a very competitive market. Have your customers plus 1 your business! Just think if you’re searching for something on the internet and you see the 3 or 4  or 50 people have endorsed the same business, what a strong influence!

Although this is a pretty neat feature, reality is it would be great to have more people using it. Sure it has a lot of momentum and Google is being aggressive on getting plus 1 accounts, Ie .. forcing people to join G+ for their party at the Consumer Electronic Summit 2012, nice tactic. But in reality do everyday people not in the business realm of social media really care about being on G+? That’s the big question, but time is the only answer.


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