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Your youth has flocked from Facebook, No not really!

You’ve probably read numerous publications and have seen so many stats that have been telling you that  teens are leaving Facebook. If you’re a brand that carries a product for this hardcore demographic then those stats probably freaked you out a little bit.

Teens leave facebook

But, hopefully you’ve had SME’s or really awesome “in the know” agency partners that have brought clarity to this nonsense.

Truth of the matter is teens didn’t run away screaming like Facebook hosted the infection that begun the zombie apocalypse or anything like that, they simply gravitated to more visually stimulating networks that don’t call for much dialogue such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine and not to mention where parents might be scarce.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 2.41.59 PM

According to the stats on the left young audiences still make up the majority share demographic for Facebook and is projected to hold that title through 2017. In reality they haven’t left Facebook now has to share the space with fast growing social networks that are catering to the youth slightly better.

Harvard studies have showed the shift in personalities and communication skills that the internet and social networks created. We’re demanding information fast and the instant gratification of receiving it. Also the satisfaction of narcissistic behavior can be satisfied faster with networks like Instagram, Vine, or Snapchat.

Knowing this information brands just need to get more creative and do some more fact finding and become power users of these networks themselves. Really try to understand how the younger audience is utilizing them. Understand the psychology of this younger generation and cater to the “it’s all about me” mentality. How can your brand make it about these users? Nowadays everyone wants to be an internet superstar why not showcase and share some of what your young audience is doing with your brand.

PS4 Social marketing

Don’t be afraid to jump in conversations about it. For example PS4 is doing a great job of interacting with their fans and showcasing them with their Greatness Awaits campaign. Telling fans to take stills of their awesome gameplay moments and having the opportunity to get showcased on the Playstation website for people to vote is how it should be done. When it comes to social networks don’t get discouraged or worked up thinking the end is near once you feel you’ve “gotten” a network down. Just be adaptable and ready for change are bring it on!


Infographic of the Week: Marketing is Zombie survival at its best.

Now that we’re left on the edge of our seats with Sunday’s heart pumping, “The Walking Dead”, this week’s infographic by  Marketo is perfect. If we ever have a zombie apocalypse watching the show has surely prepared us. But, I never thought about applying these survival skills to a marketing strategy. Having a plan, and having people as a team perform specific duties… yes that sounds familiar right? This and amore tips can be found in this infographic, so enjoy!


Tanesha White

How to Survive Dreamforce on a Budget

Brought to you by Marketing Software by Marketo

Infographic of the week: Why you should be using them


Happy Friday everyone!

This week’s infographic is an oldie but a goodie, only because it’s what inspired me to share infographics in the first place. In today’s world we’re exposed to so much information. In the morning I have to stay rather strict on my routine because it’s so easy to become distracted. Did you know that 99% of that information is filtered out of the brain almost immediately? Crazy, but I guess it’s a necessity to keep our sanity. But of that 99% of information, 90% of it is visual and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Since I am part of the 65% of the population that is a visual learner I like to pass on things that can easily be digested to my other fellow 65%’ers. Let this information soak in and think about how you can apply this to your marketing strategy. Remember it’s all about how you’re presenting your information.

Fun fact: The stats of my blog shows growth of 50% more traffic from last year since I decided to share infographics. I guess there are a lot more people out there like me who are overloaded with info and just need a pretty picture that gets to the point without all the text! Like I say, “give me the baby, not the delivery.”

Have a great weekend,

Tanesha White

Infographics for marketing


(Image source via Neo Mammalian Studios)

Throwback Infographic of the week: Guide to Online Marketing

Instead of throwback Thursday I found this throwback infographic today, and we can pretend it’s Thursday:-) This infographic by the gang at SEOMoz was created in 2011and happens to be one of my favs. What’s ironic about it is that nothing has really changed over the past few years except for the social media aspect. This guide gives you all the tools and tips to get that social strategy started, but there’s definitely a lot more to social marketing than this infographic displays.

What would you add to it?


Tanesha aka Digital Divia

Guide to successful marketing Infographic

Digital Shot: Get out of the “Like Factory” and get more social


Facebook Hashtag Digital Shot Tanesha WhiteBy now most businesses small, medium, and large have a good hold on their social media management.  But, many are falling into the “like factory” which I like to call when people scroll through their wall and aimlessly like stuff without paying attention to who actually posted it. When you fall into this, social media doesn’t feel that exciting.  When you get to this point it’s time get more social with your social media marketing.

It’s surprising but common that most employees of businesses that keep up with their social networks aren’t interacting at all with their content. The first step to really getting social is to make sure that employees are involved. A good way to really give this strategy a kick start is to get your social following out of that rut of just randomly liking your funny dog pics and get them to want to come out to your location. This is great way for employees to get excited about what’s going on by actually seeing people come through the door. I worked with a client that really liked posting fun non traditional holidays such as, National Ice Cream Day. They really got into the spirit by offering ice cream sandwiches that day to people that came out to the store. This strategy is great for local businesses especially if you can be consistent.  If you want to generate some sales right away think about not only posting Happy Mothers day, but maybe giving a discount or a special coupon on that day.

I hope some of these ideas will help you take the steps to get out of the “like factory” and get more social.

Yours Truly,

Tanesha White

Digital Diva

Infographic of the Week: There’s More to Social than Just Marketing




















With some many of the clients that I work with personally, just now finally “getting” social meaning now they are incorporating Social Media into their marketing strategies as well as their budgets. In reality social media in business is two-fold; ad-hoc and strategy focused strategy. This infographic brought to you by GetSatisfication is a great illustration on why you should use Social technologies throughout all of your business segments.


Social Media Infographic

Infographic of the Week: PPC keywords expensive, are you being strategic with your budget?

For my infographic of the week I came across WordStream, a provider of hosted software that automates most of the manual work involved with creating and optimizing both paid and natural search engine marketing campaigns, has done some research to discover which keyword categories fetch the highest costs per click in Google’s Adwords Solution. They conveniently created this great infographic and their research.

I remember the days when search marketing was still new, and the marketplace wasn’t competitive at all. Meaning for us advertisers cost per click was dirt-cheap. Now SEM is just a natural part of advertising the way TV, radio, and other traditional methods were/and are still. But, just because it’s the norm doesn’t mean this spend shouldn’t be analyzed. Think about adding in display with your efforts. Are you targeting people that are searching for your products, or marketing to people that have been to your website?

I’ve personally seen triple the amount of traffic to my client websites with budgets of the same costs of what might have been spent on SEM. So make sure that whatever agency or provider is showing you options and consulting you on the best way to spend your digital ad dollars.


Your Digital Diva

Tanesha White

Infographic of the Week: What you need to know about hashtags #Funfacts

Just last month flickr drops them from their platform, and Facebook is rumored to activate them. So what is it with #hashtags? This widely used symbol was once the pathway to hopefully finding a customer service representative, to helping organize groups in IRC networks, then eventually going mainstream in Twitter is all the buzz right now. So I thought this infographic created by Online Digital was perfect this week.



Hashtag Infographic

Infographic of the Week: Internet Addiction, Are you an addict?


Everyone has their daily routines. And no, not your morning coffee or early morning run. I have my daily bookmarks I read; the email accounts that I check, along with the profiles I look at on a daily basis. Like me I’m sure there are many people with the same daily routines. But when does it not just become a routine and when can you say that it just might be an addiction? I must admit having a smartphone by my side makes that routine into an almost every 10 minute routine, so I can admit I might just be an addict!  Enjoy this infographic of the week, brought to you by DailyInfographic.



Your Digital Diva, Tanesha White


Infographic Internet addiction

Infographic by Tanesha White

Infographic of the Week: A Day in the Internet, Wow

It amazes me that still in the year 2013 that some small business owners still aren’t convinced that won’t hit their consumers online. As much as we live and die  by our mobile devices and the addictions to our socially connected lives there still seems to be hesitation. Did you know there enough gigabytes of data passed around globally via mobile phones that would fill 9.2 million CD’s everyday? You never realize how big the internet actually is until you see it “literally!” Enjoy the fun facts in my Infographic pic of the week.



Your Digital Diva~ Tanesha



Infographic A day in the internet Tanesha White Digital Strategist

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