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Digital Shot: Google Plus Local and Proof it Drives Traffic to Your Business

Digital Marketing Tips From Tanesha White

As Promised here is the baby minus the delivery, enjoy this digital shot!

If you’re a small business owner I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz and have probably seen that Google Places is gone. But, don’t panic because it really didn’t disappear just thinking of it reincarnating into Google+Local. Google places was just a static map and now with Google+Local businesses have a dynamic listing.

Long story short and straight to the point:

  • It combines Google Plus which implements users review.
  • SEO boosts that far surpass the old Google Places
  • Google plus allows the integrated user reviews so social media marketing has huge potential
  • Interaction with your clients

Want visual eye candy?

Here is a snapshot of a clients google places before the G+Local:

Google Plus Local and it Enhances your SEO

And now after Google+Local:

Google Plus Local How to Enhance your Business

You see it right that’s over double the amount of impressions! Of course it takes the finesse and understanding of how to truly utilize G+L to ensure your business gets the competitive edge.

Does your business know how to utilize Google+Local?


Tanesha White

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