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Digital Shot of the Week: Future Advertising, Minority Report movie doesn’t seem that far off.

Over the weekend I caught a glimpse of Minority Report, which has always been the movie that has set the expectations on how the future will be.  If you haven’t seen make sure you catch it on Netflix. Anyway, after reading a confirmation that Facebook ads will display on external networks really made one part of the movie stand out to me. Remember the clip below when Tom Cruises’s character is walking through the building and all along the way the  ads are specifically targeted towards. All from reading the data scanned from his retinas. I know that seems far fetched right now, but as a consumer think of all the data that give you out everyday on the internet. Google has been collecting your information and interests for who knows how long, and now soon all the things that you’ve liked, or disliked on Facebook will now allow advertisers to target you accordingly.

So enjoy the clip below and give me your feedback.

Your, Dig Diva




Infographic of the Week

Thanks to Hubspot. I thought this infographic was creative and entertaining all in one! Whether you want to admit it or not there are many ways to lure your audience, what did you commit?

Source: Hubspot

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