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A Look into the Mobile Future Part Two

Picking up on where I left off in part One

“Everybody has a website, but not everyone provides a mobile experience right now,” “I predict by the end of next year if you pull your phone out and you’re in the Hilton hotel and it doesn’t tell you information about the Hilton, either your phone is broken or the Hilton’s broken. If you, as a business, own a location, you’ve got a huge opportunity to reach your customer.” For the automotive of course this trend will crawl a little a slower but like everything technological what I’ve seen thus far it will start as too farfetched, but my fellow dealers are being a lot more opened minded about emerging trends this may happen a lot sooner.

So what do you need to know to consider an advertising strategy to tap into these people on the go you ask? Let’s look at a couple emerging technologies that will affect the way people search on mobile devices.

To Mobile or Mobalize that is question

Many businesses are developing mobile versions of their Web site so mobile visitors can view their site content in a manner that’s optimized for the smaller screen. Take the scenario of that car shopper leaving a competitor dealer and searches for you on their phone. Or what if you have someone looking for service for their new Toyota, is you’re your site optimized for service mobility? From those two small scenarios alone if you answered no, then you may want to look into building a mobile site.

Mobile Evolution

Mobile Evolution

The alternative is to “mobilize” your site to be more mobile friendly. The iPhone, for example, allows for easy browsing of regular Web sites, but other phones have a hard time rendering the content in an easily readable way. Decide which is best for your site.

Whether you’re building a mobile site or mobilizing your site, always make sure that you are optimizing the site of course! The basic principles for normal SEO are generally applicable, but there are some things to know that will help you achieve higher rankings. But, more on that down the road and tips on dealer mobile sites.

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