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The Growth of the Digital Marketing Professional

I can’t help but smile when I constantly get updates on Linkedin about jobs that may interest me  because these array of digital, internet, community, social, and mobile management/ directing/ analyst positions did not exist even just a short year ago! It’s amazing how companies have made this paradigm shift and have accepted the importance of having a digital strategy is vital to the growth and staying power for their brands.

I remember when being an internet professional was just knowing about Google and how to manipulate your site in order to rank high, and then all of sudden that high ranking resulted in more traffic, to more sales, to a bigger database, to more growth etc… Awwh those were the good ol days when it was still the new “thing” to do and it was so easy to dominate your competition because everyone else was sleeping at the wheel!

As the evolution of the internet just kept growing and websites increased numbers to their websites, advertising became more attractive for b2b and b2c companies. The light bulb was finally turning instead of flickering. Wow it makes sense to be on these sites because, wow a lot of our target market is here! Look out now its serious because the internet grew at such an explosive rate and internet advertising platforms and agencies popped up like popcorn all over the place traditional marketing managers were just in way over their heads. Now the internet became this whole other segment which is now Digital Marketing that needed to handled as a department of its own.

What’s funny is that now leading the Digital Strategy forefront I find myself in over my head and now being able to relate to those traditional Marketing professionals because this too is growing at an alarmingly fast pace. Especially since Social Media Marketing is now out of the “do I need to be there” phase and is accepted as an important peace of an effective digital strategy this too has become a marketing niche of its own. And it’s even predicted this year that the position of “community manager” is going to be a priority position for many companies this year. Check out 4 Community Management Predictions for 2012 on Mashable. Com.

Not to mention the boom of mobile that I talked about in my last write up. Constantly staying up to speed on the new latest and greatest apps, or marketing techniques, and the analytic s alone! There’s an entirely different specialty or skill. The proof is easy to see because of all the different companies specializing in all of these niche areas.

All in all even when I’m feeling overwhelmed at times its such a fun and exciting space to be in because when it comes down to it you have to be sharp and educated in all facets that makes up a digital strategy because with all these moving pieces you need a point person to be able to put all the pieces together and effectively communicate the ROI and strategy throughout your organization, among  a long list of other things:-\

I ❤ Digital!



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