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Short Link Love your Way to Better Tracking

Short links have been around for some time now and since Twitter, and micro blogging obviously don’t seem to be going anywhere short links are a definite must!

But, have you really taken a look at the real importance of short links? So many different providers out there offer these convenient little tools and the best part is that most of them are free. To help you narrow it down go for the ones that aren’t throwing up advertising. To narrow it down even further go with one that offers tracking and analytic tools.

I have found that if you’ve got event specific banners that you can really zoom in how effective it is and when used simoultaneously with your web analytics you can really trim off the “fat” and know what’s really working. URL shortening services even offer social toolbars to help  enhance your business or personal social media efforts. One that I particulary like using is Visibli. Super call and totally customizable with great analytics, well at least for being free. if you want some more advanced tracking simply upgrade to pro.

Well happy marketing!


The A.D

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