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Don’t get Sucked in Social Media Expert Please Take My Money

My eyes continually get glazed over by over the over saturation of social media expert blood suckers. What I mean by that is you’ve got these people out there, that may every once and while might actually share some useful information with there followers, but in reality they’re on the dark side of the force. Pulling you in to only sell you on something that any great credible digital marketing blogger out on the WORLDWIDE web would tell you for free, and guess what would even have in depth how to videos on how to do so!

The only reason I’m venting about this is because I saw someone charging $500 just to create a personal profile on Linkedin! So entering in your email and setting password, uploading and image, all of your accomplishments and background, oh and all for your contacts to invite to connect is $500 worth of work!

Whether your entrepreneur trying to get yourself out there or company sending out RFP’s looking for an agency to work with.  Educate yourself on all the social networks out there and beware of over inflated prices tagged to profile creation. Really dissect every line of there proposal.  The internet provides us with so much information to not do the homework.

Or if saving the money isn’t that important to you, well just say:


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