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Digital Shot: Get out of the “Like Factory” and get more social


Facebook Hashtag Digital Shot Tanesha WhiteBy now most businesses small, medium, and large have a good hold on their social media management.  But, many are falling into the “like factory” which I like to call when people scroll through their wall and aimlessly like stuff without paying attention to who actually posted it. When you fall into this, social media doesn’t feel that exciting.  When you get to this point it’s time get more social with your social media marketing.

It’s surprising but common that most employees of businesses that keep up with their social networks aren’t interacting at all with their content. The first step to really getting social is to make sure that employees are involved. A good way to really give this strategy a kick start is to get your social following out of that rut of just randomly liking your funny dog pics and get them to want to come out to your location. This is great way for employees to get excited about what’s going on by actually seeing people come through the door. I worked with a client that really liked posting fun non traditional holidays such as, National Ice Cream Day. They really got into the spirit by offering ice cream sandwiches that day to people that came out to the store. This strategy is great for local businesses especially if you can be consistent.  If you want to generate some sales right away think about not only posting Happy Mothers day, but maybe giving a discount or a special coupon on that day.

I hope some of these ideas will help you take the steps to get out of the “like factory” and get more social.

Yours Truly,

Tanesha White

Digital Diva


Infographic of the week: Local Business Owners What Social Network Have You Adopted?

I came across this infographic on Business 2 Business Community that shares some interesting comparisons between local business and national brand usage of social network use to reach customers. The fact that Facebook is the only network where local businesses have reached the same adoption as national brands isn’t that surprising. Businesses “get” Facebook they understand that it’s just part of our lifestyles, so it just makes sense to be there.

Other networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Google plus, etc… really requires more strategic direction for local businesses to really leverage these non Facebook networks. Local businesses will adopt using these networks once more understanding on how consumers  are using them. If you aren’t working with an experienced agency, as a small business owner you need to join these networks and actually participate to see how they are being used. Make them apart of your lifestyle and then think of ways that you can incorporate them in your business.

Good luck!


Infographic Social media

Infographic Inspiring for Women top Cities

Infographic Inspiring for Women top Cities

We now live in a time where if we want something bad enough we go out there and get it! This is especially important to women because we have not always had it this way. Here is a great infographic on the top cities where women are getting it!
Your Digital Diva
Tanesha White

Infographic of the Week: How tech savvy are your kids? And how does it make you feel?

Being a parent these days I believe is way harder than what my parents had to deal with. It’s like all the normal growing pains of kids is amplified by technology. And I’m not just talking about teenagers because obviously that can be a whole story of its own with drama spread via  social media. Look even younger 6 mos to 5 year olds. So many of these kids are exposed to tablets, computer games, and texting all before they can even crawl! Sure the technology is cool, but does that cripple the growth, and health of kids because maybe their accustomed to choosing a gadget rather than playing a game? The numbers in this infographic reflect the truth and is quite alarming. Nice days seem pretty quiet when their aren’t any kids out playing….

If you’re a parent what do you do for a balance of tech and old school play?


Social Media Habits to kick for 2012 and My wish List for 2013 for Laughs


Well here it is my last post of 2012. I must say it has been a great year and I hope you all have had a great one as well!

New Years is all about having a fresh start right? Well think about all the blunders you may have had diving into social media or even in the digital marketing realm. I compiled a list for businesses and I couldn’t help but to add my personal list 😉

1. Stop ignoring your website! Vow to always keep your content updated, oh this was so last month….

2. Social Management tools are awesome, but don’t schedule and forget. Example, scheduling out all of your posts and then forgetting to engage when consumers or friends are responding to them:-(

3. Social Media tools continued… Schedule in appropriate formats. Many people and businesses will post using hashtags but will send out the feed to facebook as well…. again Hashtags serve no purpose in Facebook.

4. Don’t delegate the responsibility of your social media management just because they like Facebook. Social platforms have grown into very sophisticated marketing platforms. Leaving your strategy up to an amateur is wreckless, would you want someone with no experience in advertising placing your media buys?

5. Online reviews are part of your digital strategy. If you aren’t monitoring your online reputation that doesn’t mean people aren’t talking about your business. Many of the review sites are integrated with social platforms allowing it to be shared, the good and the bad! So take control and start monitoring and encouraging reviews from customers. 85% of consumers will turn to another business if they see more negative than positive reviews.

Personal  top 5 wish list:

1. Auto posting from twitter to facebook. You retweeting and @ replying the homies is irrelevant in your Facebook feed. just sayin….

2. I really would like to stop seeing the morbid pictures soliciting for a like. You know what I’m talking about, the baby sitting in a pile of cigarettes with the caption, “Like, if you love babies” come on seriously??? But the funny part is it’s posted by a page called “who’s your daddy” <— pay attention to the like source.. LMBO

3. I would like to see a warning sign pop up before you post a status to facebook. Example “do you really feel this is appropriate to share to hundreds of people who do not care, or would you like to send this as a text message for the person this is intended for?”

4. I would like for a celebrity to actually tweet me back once in a while (come on Beebs…jk seriously)

5. Please stop complaining about privacy on the internet because that helps me bring value to businesses to target you with relevant ads 😉

Happy New Year!

Kick the Bad Habits of 2012!

Digital Marketing Bad habits

Infographic of the Week: 2012 Year of Integration

The one major thing I love about infographics is being able to see analytical numbers and all the nerdy data that comes along with the internet in a nice pretty picture. My pick for infographic of the week is this: 2012 The Year of Integration. As a user of the internet it really doesn’t occur how much information is being tracked about your profile or really how many times per day you’re exposed to user generated content. But, as a marketing professional I’m forced to dive into these numbers on daily basis to effectively make the right marketing decisions.Didl you know that 90% of the world’s data was just created within the last 2 years? This and many other interesting facts you will find here. Enjoy!




Infographic of the week: Stats of 13 and under on Facebook

38% of kids under 12 years old are on facebook, that’s 7.5 million kids! This and other facts are found in this infographic. I found this infographic important because even parents that feel they may have prevented their kids from creating a social profile I believe some may be oblivious to their kids having one already. Only 36% of parents knew their children had a facebook. Facebook has already surpassed the “shocking facts” phase. Did you know 55% of teens give out personal information to someone they don’t know online? Are you friends with your kids on Facebook? Have you had discussion of rules on how to conduct themselves online?


Infographic of the Week: Presidential candidates and Social Media

It’s kind of funny as I’m doing my nightly “turfing,” you know watching TV and surfing the net political campaigns are hitting me in all directions, seriously. every commercial on tv, every youtube video was a presidential promotion, campaign banners on every site, in my Twitter feed, and my Facebook wall. Wheewww seriously, but I guess that gives me the pick for the infographic this week. How do the candidates measure up in there use of social media. Who’s voice is louder, who’s audience is more engage?

Enjoy this Infographic!

Social Media Infographic


Source: CompassLabs 

Infographic of The week in the Spirit of the Olympics

The old tradition that gets amazing athletes together to compete every four years is one of the oldest traditions. Cross this old tradition with new, well not so new media such as Social Media you get an Olympic sponsors dream. This infographic by the Pappasgroup is a creative visual that also shows the growth in social from 2008 to now.


Social Media Olympics


Source: Fast Company

More Link Juice for Twitter as Hashtags and Username links Now Appear in Facebook Posts

This is very cool I came across this article this morning Here’s a clip below:

Twitter users have been able to post links to Facebook via the microblog service for some time, and now it appears that Facebook is adding links for hashtags and usernames. The feature is identical to the way that it adds previews for URLs included in status updates.

Here’s a status update on Facebook (sent via Twitter) that shows the link for hashtags:

fb twitter 520x135 Twitter set for visibility boost as hashtag and username links now appear in Facebook status updates

Read the Full Article here

So what does this mean for businesses that have a Twitter and Facebook? It means more exposure especially for the business brand on Twitter. If businesses have branded a hashtag that tweeps are familiar with this is going to be a way to really cross pollinate with their Facebook following. And really introduce some people to microblogging if they really haven’t been exposed yet. Yes this finally means that the majority will finally understand the purpose of a hashtag in the first place since the use of them has crossed over to Facebook as a form of expression rather than organizing conversation. I will be curious to see spikes of engagement and new followers.


Tanesha White

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