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Facebook Timeline For Business Pages Finally!

So i have you noticed that you can convert your Facebook page to the new timeline format. Right, you don’t have to wait for the official roll out Mar 20, 2011. I was just previewing and playing around with it this morning.

Of course there is the awesome cover photo. I talked about this in my expectations with the Timeline Business pages a while back. This

is great brandingĀ real-estateĀ for businesses. Now you can expose people to whatever promotions, event sponsorships, and whatever else you can think of with a big in your face banner. What a great way to bridge your social presence to your ecommerce.

The Admin panel is a nice feature, it’s a one stop dashboard to managing your page rather than going the tedius clicks of going through the old fashioned “edit page” button at the top. You can see insights and go right into creating ad, sharing your page, or inviting more.

One thing that I saw it lacking right off the start, is that it doesn’t have the cool feature of adding life events like our personal pages. I’m thinking that they would have something like Business Events that would allow you to actually date specific events in your company, but maybe that’s coming later. I also hope that facebook will give us the control of “highlights” so far it just picking friends activity, page posts, and posts by others. It would be more effective if you could actually pick the post to highlight, or preference a story to the top of the timeline.


Well I just wanted to give my quick input on the Business Timeline. I’m personally just going to keep

experimenting with the preview first because maybe the will roll out with more functionality.

Have fun!


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