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One can of Hashtag Spam please, #nothankyou!

Now that Facebook has finally activated hashtags I’m hoping that this doesn’t open up a big can hashtag spam.  



I believe having the hashtags in Twitter were very helpful and the 140 character limit kept the hash under control minus the Dr.Oz weightloss miracle direct messages. But, I digress with that one! 

If businesses stay with the same mind set when using hashtags then carrying over utilization should be successful. When using a hashtag for business try to use one that is branded by you for example below is a screenshot from a client I have worked with. They are a pest control company. Their website is well branded as so it was very fitting to tag all of their useful tips with #stopzbugs. 



As you all know that hashtags are useful in grouping information around a topic, company, service, product, etc..  So as you see in this example it’s all the information that they have chosen to show using their hash. This will also be shown the same way in Facebook. 

Also be mindful when using broad keywords especially when you’re a business because all kinds of people could be using it in a negative context and it most likely won’t be something you want your brand associated with. Choose to use keywords specific to your industry for example, Scherzinger also used #termites, which links you to a feed that is full of pest industry related news so obviously relevant. 

So as you start to cross over and use hashtags in Facebook keep to the same methodologies and remember just because you have more characters to play with doesn’t mean to overcrowd your post with unnecessary hashtags. 

Your Diva,

Tanesha White


Facebook Pages Now really Build Your Brand

Okay so now that I’ve actually had time to look into  the New Facebook Page in more detail and also reading in depth on the Facebook Pages Policy.

So many people are ranting that the new Facebook Pages is death to businesses marketing capability. But in reality after playing with with it a bit more, sure we lost the ability the to have a default landing page, but I believe the gain for having a cover photo instead of those small photos that use to be there gives businesses more of the branding opportunity. It actually goes in line with the real strategy of social media . Sure you can have all this call to action and on and on, but seriously? Social Media has allowed us to amplify our brand and stay in front of consumers where they are ie.. facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc..

I’m excited to see the change because this will force us all to be more creative, and once again adjust to this shift. Another thing I’m happy to see all of the garbage pages disappear. You know the ones that aren’t real business, but just want you to like it and add no value whatsoever just to blast you with spammy links, Yeah those.

For small businesses the page change will force you to get more involved with your business brand. Rather than just passing off social strategy to an outside agency or a kid in the basement, they could pretty much create the call to action pages and let them sit on cruise control. Now that all those distractions are gone with trying to keep up with facebook landing pages take a step back and really think about your Brand. For larger corporations I am looking forward to seeing many turn on the messaging feature which allows fans to send direct messages through fanpages. We are so accustomed with live chat I think this would be an easy transition for the general public. I just think of the many times I’ve been sitting on hold it would be nice to send a direct message to get an issue resolved. On the business side this would be easy to implement because with the Facebook pages comes different levels admins. So you can delegate the customer service to have access just for the messages. This will be a great addition!

I love the ability to pin post and have them showcase at the top, well for seven days at least. Think of those times when you had a customer post a great review of your product or service only to see it get covered by other posts within 24 hours. Now at least you can control what you want showcased.

So long story short no need to panic about the new change. Just keep an eye on big brands to get ideas if you’re a small business. Remember you don’t have to be guru just concentrate on what your brand and start thinking about how you’re setting up your community management levels.

Check out their timeline history to get some ideas.


Ford motor company – Not really digging the cover photo (at this time 3-7-12 it’s a building) let’s see when this changes…  but the timeline is a nice blast in the past of the evolution of cars.



Typosquatting Don’t Be Victom

It’s funny that I came across Hubze’s blog post about this just days after something like this happened to me. There are so many scammers out there that take advantage of so many people everyday on the internet. Since the rise of spoof emails years back and still today I’m always very wary of the links I click on, and always pay close attention to the URL it actually takes me too.

Well during my speed typing I was planning on visiting but instead I typed honest mistake, but I saw right away the URL was for a survey site, and these sneaky little programs mirrored Twitter, so I’m sure many people fell for the spoof and ended up paying up from all the text messages racked up because they prompted you to enter a mobile number. 

These Typesquatters take full advantage of popular sites and use similar “typoed” urls to fool you. So be aware of what is displayed in the URL bar not what the site looks like. Just just a word of advice that is valuable to pass onto those that are less internet savvy.


Your Diva:)

Still Using a DumbPhone, Survival tips For the Busy Women Exec.

My intention is to reach out to the ladies in the auto space, because the internet not only has changed the way dealerships market and communicate with their customers, it has changed internal positions and added many within dealership organizations. Now with these non traditional positions that rarely attracted women to work in a dealership, now there are many taking the plunge, or already taking BDC Departments, Internet Managers, Sync Specialists, etc.. by the horns. I’ve been at conventions consistently for almost 10 years ranging from NADA, Digital Dealer, and PCG and let me tell you it’s exciting to see how the number of women in the business keep climbing. Since jumping out of the vendor space and taking on an E-Commerce Director and managing a personal life such as, being a wife, and mother. Which, I’m sure most of you agree that women hold more stress because of the family responsibilities that magically seem to always be in our court to handle!  Balance has become a huge priority. Juggling that on top of a demanding career can be challenging especially in a position where you’re having to indulge yourself in the never ending trends of social media, internet marketing, SEO, mobile, etc…..So with something that seems to go on for 24 hrs and balancing that along with kids schedules and fun adult time, how could you manage it all without a smartphone? The technology is there, so use it!

A smartphone isn’t just a cool piece techno power in my purse, it’s the thing that keeps my life in sync. There are soooo many apps out there and I’ve tried a lot of them. But,the apps that are still keepers with me is my cute owl (hootesuite), Boxcar, Twitter, and FB.

Although I can use SRM to schedule to posts there’s still a limit. I can schedule hoots on top of SRM and be set for weeks. It’s also cool because of course you can manage several accounts and the Hoot app is really easy to use. Boxcar is a must have, how else are you going to keep up with discussions from #automarketing, blogs from #admcommunity, or new updates from #dd11, especially when you’re on the go? Well, Boxcar let’s me do that not to mention this app is my inbox for EVERYTHING, yeah email, FB, Twitter (incl, all lists, trends, and fav tweeters), 4square, RSS, Google Voice, and this list goes on.

But no matter how cool these apps are I still keep the basic Twitter and FB apps because the others are great at the convenient things it allows you to do, but sending messages or tweets from other apps always seem to load slow or the display of live feeds just isn’t as smooth as the originals.

Oh and don’t let me forget my favorite app of all. After doing all that hard work and you take a break from the kids make time for your Nike Training Club app. I know some days it’s hard hitting the gym, but this app is like a personal trainer and p90x in your hand. You can do the workouts at home or mix it in with your gym routine. There’s something for everyone from getting lean, getting strong, or getting focused. This is a must have if you want to spice up the boring cardio routine and most importantly to decompress from a long day or getting your day started.

Awwh I love my smartphone ;-D

Tanesha White

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