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Do you Feel like Superwoman Crashed and Burned?

I decided to take a spin on different topics to write about. I often get asked questions from younger women trying to embark on their

career paths on what they need to do, or what is most important. Like this picture I’m sure many women can relate to it. You’re feeling like superwoman and then all of a sudden you fall on your face!

Take these two points as a shot to start your week

  •  Be driven with your goals, and don’t settle even when you’ve reached a goal that you’re happy with.

Men are driven to want to be better by nature, you don’t have to be a psychologist to understand that one. For women it’s easy to get comfortable or to stay content with something, And often times you might find your waiting for that promotion, right? Does that sound familiar?  Big Mistake!

  • Ask for what you want and be tenacious about it. This may seem obvious but unfortunately many women feel uncomfortable doing this. I did a small write up on this and it’s worth revisiting, Women Need to Brag More.  Although obvious it’s one of the most important steps. It’s a dog eat dog world and if you don’t ask for what you want or pursue aggressively then don’t surprised if that person next to you takes that spot.

If you don’t feel that you’re qualified then be sure to talk with your boss about your skills and explore the options of who you may be able to mentor with to gain those acquired skills.

There are countless books that you can read until the end of the next decade, but in reality we’re wired to focus on the few not the many and by sticking to these main points will get you going on the right start.

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