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Is your business using Snapchat? Here are some tips to get you started.

Is your business using Snapchat? Here are some tips to get you started.


Cheers to the New Year!

Cheers to the New Year!

It’s been an exciting year and its awesome to begin a new one. I can’t believe it, my blog is 7 years old now 🙂 time goes by like the blink of an eye. Looking back at some of my older posts it’s amazing to see how much things have evolved in the digital space.
I remember posting more about strategy and seo and now it’s evolved into more social media marketing. I wonder what the next 7 years or even just 2014 will have in store for us marketers…
Are there any new breakthroughs you hope to see this year?

By, Tanesha White
Your Diva 😉

Social Media Explained- Happy holiday weekend!

Social Media Explained- Happy holiday weekend!

I came across this photo in my FB feed and it gave me a good chuckle. And well it’s a holiday weekend so I thought I might leave you on a happy note.
Have a safe holiday everyone!

Infographic Inspiring for Women top Cities

Infographic Inspiring for Women top Cities

We now live in a time where if we want something bad enough we go out there and get it! This is especially important to women because we have not always had it this way. Here is a great infographic on the top cities where women are getting it!
Your Digital Diva
Tanesha White

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