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Retargeting Underutilized, why? and the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) have shared some interesting findings from a survey about online ad technology. The two organizations found that there is a lot of untapped opportunity for retargeting in online advertising.

I thought this was a very interesting topic especially seeing how the Automotive space isn’t capitalizing on these marketing techniques as much.

Retargeting is so important to an auto dealer because now with this technology we can create virtual be-backs. Seriously how powerful is it to be able to serve up animated high call to action banners to people that have been to your virtual dealership but have not converted yet?? Pretty powerful check out for a quick demo.

Almost half (46.3%) of respondents said that remarketing (also known as retargeting) is the online marketing technology they feel is most under-utilized. Other technologies respondents feel are under utilized include:

– Geo-targeting – 18.3%
– Traffic source optimization – 15.9%
– Keyword targeting – 13.4%
– Other – 3.7%
– Category targeting – 2.4%

69.5% said they have never utilized display remarketing in their online advertising. Only 30.5% said that they had or do. Out of the ones that have, most (53.1%) said that display remarketing made their advertising more impactful.

As online advertising continues to grow, newer technologies are recognized and evaluated against the more traditional approaches.  Internet marketing guru’s  know that retargeting can boost ad response up to 400 percent so it’s definitely something your digital partner company should be staying informed about and use more strategically.

81.7% of participants said they implement local search advertising campaigns and that the following forms of online advertising provide the best ROI:

– Search – 70.7%
– Cost-per-action (CPA) – 14.6%
– Email – 6.1%
– Social – 3.7%
– Other – 2.4%


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