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The Social Media Universe- Infographic of the Week


Social Media seems to be growing like some untamed machine that keeps eating. So how do all the social planets look in this vast Universe? Who are the big 3 planets, and the visually attractive ones? But, most importantly as marketers what do you do to effectively communicate with the extraterrestrials of each one?  The infographic I chose this week answers all of the above all in a visually appealing and easy to make sense of fashion. Enjoy!



Tanesha White Digital Diva Social Media Strategy

Source: Marketo





Content Beyond the Search Engine, Infographic of the Week

The internet has forever changed the way we communicate. We are all being surrounded by tons of content that originally we would have to tune in to find out, or perform searches on our own. Now with social media content comes to us in a matter of seconds everyday without lifting a finger. Content is forever changing and it can be overwhelming for marketers to stay on top of the new trends that seem to change everyday. This is a great infographic that displays content beyond search engines and social.





School is in Ready For A Hectic Life? Quick Tips to Stay in Control

So the beginning of the week is here not only meaning a new week of work but also the start of another school year. If you’re like me and every other hard working woman professional then I’m sure you can relate to feeling overwhelmed with the demands and responsibility of career, and family life. As usual I’m always on the look out for apps that simplify my chaotic life. 

ReQall- was a free app that I use to like very well because you could use voice commands to record any tasks, reminders, and whatever else you needed to remember throughout the week. But since SIRI, i honestly love just using my iphone calendar and reminders because SIRI has made it possible to do all of those things seamlessly.

Got Tweens? Then you know household chores are team effort.  Check out Homeroutines, it’s not free but for $3.99 and synching on multiple devices it’s pretty cool. Easily create the chore list and details then every person in the family can complete with a star. The great thing is that the checklists can automatically restart.

Have you ever tried Food on the Table? One of my biggest challenges is figuring out what in the world to cook. This cool site is free online meal planner that helps organize your weekly meals andeven better,  tells you where to get the best deals on groceries in your area. Sweet!

So now your totally in the know with everything in your calendar, the house is in order, and the fam is fed. Now you can do work!

Hopefully some of these tips help out. If you find anything useful please share!


Why You will Never Pay off Your Credit Card- Infographic of the Week

Did you know  the average American card holder owes $10,679? This infographic is an entertaining yet alarming picture that is sadly truthful to many Americans situation with credit card debt. Moral of the story if you have a ridiculous credit card balance pay more than minimum for crying out loud!



Infographic of the Week: Inside View of an Agency

Who are these companies that bring the ideas, creative, strategic thinking, and visual awesomeness? This infographic is an oldie but goodie and pretty freaking hilarious if you ask me. Here is a sneak peak behind the agency curtains of who’s handling your ideas.


Source: Bigorangeslide


Infographic of The week in the Spirit of the Olympics

The old tradition that gets amazing athletes together to compete every four years is one of the oldest traditions. Cross this old tradition with new, well not so new media such as Social Media you get an Olympic sponsors dream. This infographic by the Pappasgroup is a creative visual that also shows the growth in social from 2008 to now.


Social Media Olympics


Source: Fast Company

Social Media is Not about People it’s about Made up Stats, love it!

It seems like everyone you meet today is a “social media guru.” Please don’t take offensive because I am guilty, but you have to be able to make fun of yourself every once in a while. I came across this video a while back and I’m sure you’ll find some of their stats pretty funny. But then again how can really believe the stats since social media is all about stats, how do you know that the stats are real and not some kid in the basement making up these pretty pictures and believable stats and the false stats go viral and because so many people have passed on these stats then they must be real, right  and……. LOL you get the picture.


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