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Metrics to look at for your Content Strategy now.

My conversations as of lately has been centered around content marketing and how to effectively manage it’s success. It seems that so many people are really concentrating on page views. While page views will be a dead give away that people actually went to the page why not look deeper to see what people are doing when they actually arrive. After all there should be a deeper strategy towards content marketing other than getting page views. In order to get deeper understanding of how people are reacting to your content consider the four metrics below:


  1. Average time on page is a really good indicator of quality content. If you find that that your time on page is low you might want to tweak your content, but this is variable depending on the industry of your business.
  2. Exit rate could be a good discussion for debate. I say this because high exit rates could indicate that people didn’t find what they’re looking for and therefore leave the site right away. But, I believe that we need to break this down by referral traffic instead of looking at this as a whole. For example if people found your site organically through keyword searches and your blog post ranked the exit rate might be higher because they might have just clicked on your link because it was the first on in the SERPs. If you’re looking at your social referrals the exit rate should be lower because you’re sharing the content with your following that is suppose to be interested in your services. And this actually brings us to the third source to look at.
  3. Traffic sources is a very important metric to look at especially when your looking at all the metrics because as I stated in the above examples knowing how to break down how each of your referrals are reacting to your content will give you insight on how to make adjustments accordingly.
  4. Social reporting and trackable links is a very valuable metric to consider when trying to identify which one of your social properties your business is the most engaging on. Having trackable links on your content is a no brainer you want to be able to identify what social platform your getting more interaction from and also if your paying for sponsored links you want to measure some kind of KPI.

So long story short when you’re diving into a content marketing strategy it’s important to have your KPI’s identified before you begin so you can get your benchmarks before beginning so you’ll be able to measure your success from that point moving forward. So do this by knowing what metrics to look at first.

Good Luck!

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You Facebook page is in a black hole this is what your business needs to do now.

Facebook algorithm dropUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months and if you’re an admin of your company’s Facebook page you’ve probably seen your Facebook post reach similar to the graph on the left. It’s apparent that Facebook wants businesses to pay up if they want to be seen in the news feeds of the hard earned fans that they’ve dedicated so much time in growing. I’ve come to grips with it and so must you! Since the decline there are many more variables to seriously start considering. Here are 5 things your business should be doing now.

1. Take a look at your content strategy calendar it’s time to start highlighting the posts that worth promoting.

2. Run integrated contests. Start utilizing your other social platforms such as Pinterest, and Instgram. You can promote the contest on these other networks and actually host them on your Facebook page.

3. Start promoting your owned properties! Utilize Facebook ads to promote and traffic to your website, blog, or other owned platforms.

4. Get serious about Google +. Surprisingly this turned out to be not just a fad and it’s still here so you might as well start using it.

5. Get serious about sponsored Tweets. This is another platform to promote your earned properties or social contests.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! A/B testing is key to any marketing plan. Even if you try things that don’t work, remember not to eliminate the idea completely because you never know it could work another time. Also remember to track everything!



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Social Media Business Trends 2014

The writing was all over the wall and it was inevitable that social would truly turn into a marketing machine. I remember the days when I had my own social network for motorcycle enthusiasts, motorsport companies desired to be there because it was their target market all in one place. So why wouldn’t they want to pay to be there to advertise their products? But, today social networks aren’t that niche specific anymore because it’s just easier to be where the majority of your “friends” are and to just just create groups or hashtags of shared interest.

With social networks having member numbers the size of countries this obviously is the targeted area for brands and small companies. But, this also forces them to have to be more creative and truly think outside the box in regards to strategy. Below I took some snippets from Online Social media that really provided some great imagery breakdown of trends to look for in 2014.  Like I said the writing was on the wall with Social Business, all that hard work of building your Facebook fans, especially your going to have to pay to play. According to the data below 82% of people don’t believe Facebook ads to be true, so it’s going to come down to what you’re trying to accomplish and being really creative and setting defined KPI’s. This will also force business to take a hard look at all their other social networks such as, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest for new exciting ways to engage their audiences. Bottom line is that this year it’s time to really use your Social CRM!


Business social trends 2014


Business social trends 2014

Business social trends 2014



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Social Media audit time, it’s not just tax season

How to do a social Media audit


Ahh tax season is in the air, smells horrible to me but Uncle Sam needs his money! On a brighter note this may be a perfect time to run an audit on social media strategy and profiles. Things are constantly changing in the Social world and it is very realistic that what was working 4 months ago just might be obsolete today. So running a social media audit should not be happening once a year it should be happening quarterly if not more frequently.

So what does a Social Media audit consist of?

First, a master list of all your social accounts with links and passwords etc. The easiest program to use is excel so everything is in columns and you can social meida checklistmake notes accordingly.

As you’re going through your list check the networks and do some competitive research on each one. For example look at your competitors Facebook page and see if anything has changed in their strategy. Are you seeing more engagement? Has there been a huge spike in fans? Are they running contests? These are all important things to look at, because this could be an indicator that you may need to get more aggressive especially since page post views have plummeted since October. Continue to use the same technique of research down your check list and don’t forget to make notes!

After you’ve done your competitor research take a look at all of your profiles.

Are they up to date? For example did you add a new location, or has your company offerings changed? Do you have a new logo or new website design? If so you want may want to have that looking consistent across the board.

Have their been updates to the social network? Have image sizes changed? Are hashtags still relevant or became relevant? Such as the changes in Facebook or Pinterest.

Syndication- This is important if you are syndicating social feeds throughout your network make sure they’re all working correctly. For example If you have tweets being syndicate to google Plus make sure they are being deciphered correctly. Sometimes characters from Twitter come over looking like code. When looking at syndication this is also a great time explore new sources. There are so many great social management tools out there today. Some of my top favorites are Buffer, IFTT, and of course Hootsuite. Some are better at one thing than the other so you may want to try to mix it up.

Lastly take a look at your social media content strategy. If you find that your social media content calendar is slightly boring incorporate some fun contest ideas. Social contest can really boost engagement and turn a boring social party into a blast again.

If you haven’t done a social media audit in a while this may be very time consuming at first. But remember to do these as often as you can so everything is always up to date. Especially in regards to the competitor research you should do this monthly because you may find a promotion or type of posting that received tons of engagement or vice a versa, you could take this a learn what the mistakes were and make it better.


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Your youth has flocked from Facebook, No not really!

You’ve probably read numerous publications and have seen so many stats that have been telling you that  teens are leaving Facebook. If you’re a brand that carries a product for this hardcore demographic then those stats probably freaked you out a little bit.

Teens leave facebook

But, hopefully you’ve had SME’s or really awesome “in the know” agency partners that have brought clarity to this nonsense.

Truth of the matter is teens didn’t run away screaming like Facebook hosted the infection that begun the zombie apocalypse or anything like that, they simply gravitated to more visually stimulating networks that don’t call for much dialogue such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine and not to mention where parents might be scarce.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 2.41.59 PM

According to the stats on the left young audiences still make up the majority share demographic for Facebook and is projected to hold that title through 2017. In reality they haven’t left Facebook now has to share the space with fast growing social networks that are catering to the youth slightly better.

Harvard studies have showed the shift in personalities and communication skills that the internet and social networks created. We’re demanding information fast and the instant gratification of receiving it. Also the satisfaction of narcissistic behavior can be satisfied faster with networks like Instagram, Vine, or Snapchat.

Knowing this information brands just need to get more creative and do some more fact finding and become power users of these networks themselves. Really try to understand how the younger audience is utilizing them. Understand the psychology of this younger generation and cater to the “it’s all about me” mentality. How can your brand make it about these users? Nowadays everyone wants to be an internet superstar why not showcase and share some of what your young audience is doing with your brand.

PS4 Social marketing

Don’t be afraid to jump in conversations about it. For example PS4 is doing a great job of interacting with their fans and showcasing them with their Greatness Awaits campaign. Telling fans to take stills of their awesome gameplay moments and having the opportunity to get showcased on the Playstation website for people to vote is how it should be done. When it comes to social networks don’t get discouraged or worked up thinking the end is near once you feel you’ve “gotten” a network down. Just be adaptable and ready for change are bring it on!

Is your business using Snapchat? Here are some tips to get you started.

Is your business using Snapchat? Here are some tips to get you started.

3 Steps to Creating a Social Content Strategy

Social content strategy is a pretty common place marketing term. It’s important to think about this because you can really drive business results and audience value with a well constructed compelling content strategy. Easy said right? I know a lot of small businesses that may look a deer in headlights right about now, but when it comes to creating a social content strategy it doesn’t have to be rocket science. Below are 3 steps to getting started.

1. Think like an Author content, content, content Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 4.07.29 PM

Sure content is king, but not all content is created equal. Think about what your objective is in your strategy, how are you going to inspire engagement, are you raising awareness, are you trying to convert leads. Also consider your brands goals whether it is to gain awareness on your products or services, or to maybe learn something about your target market or existing customers. Once you have answers to these questions you can start digging into your existing content library. Use things such as testimonials, launches, customer pics, blog posts etc. Be sure to have social measurements in place as well because you want to be able to see how your audience is reacting to your content.

2. Be an advocate of sharing Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 4.05.12 PM

Don’t have blinders on by only caring about your content. Part of having a social presence is being able to share great content with your fans and that means anything meaningful to your brand. This could be industry specific press releases, conversation in your industry, or news from business partners or vendors.


3. Be Engaging

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 4.10.27 PMSo often it seems like people forget that social media is about being social! Social media has given brands the opportunity to be real people instead of that cold brick and mortar location. Interact with your audience. If your small business follow a hashtag and create conversation around it. Follow threads and discussion from industry thought leaders or partners.



Happy Creating!

By, Tanesha White

This Year SMO is fully accepted like it’s counterpart SEO, Agree?

Last year I have to say was definitely the year of SMO (social media optimization) acceptance. No longer were companies questioning whether or not to get involved in social media or to really get serious in beefing up their digital departments. It was the year of really diving into the social ocean and taking it on full speed ahead. Remember the time when we were really trying to figure out SEO? Businesses now understand it’s about pleasing Google and all the other search engines to lead consumers to their websites. With SEO  still being a big part of the digital pie businesses are understanding that SMO is about the people. And these people are turning to new media to see how others are interacting with their brands and services.

The questions of 2007-10 is social media a waste of time, are now irrelevant. Looking at the snippet of the Infographic I posted below you can truly see how social media has been adopted into our everyday lives.

What will you be doing new this year?


Tanesha White


Social Media Usage 2013


Source of Infographic: Search Engine Journal

Cheers to the New Year!

Cheers to the New Year!

It’s been an exciting year and its awesome to begin a new one. I can’t believe it, my blog is 7 years old now 🙂 time goes by like the blink of an eye. Looking back at some of my older posts it’s amazing to see how much things have evolved in the digital space.
I remember posting more about strategy and seo and now it’s evolved into more social media marketing. I wonder what the next 7 years or even just 2014 will have in store for us marketers…
Are there any new breakthroughs you hope to see this year?

By, Tanesha White
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Infographic of the Week: Marketing is Zombie survival at its best.

Now that we’re left on the edge of our seats with Sunday’s heart pumping, “The Walking Dead”, this week’s infographic by  Marketo is perfect. If we ever have a zombie apocalypse watching the show has surely prepared us. But, I never thought about applying these survival skills to a marketing strategy. Having a plan, and having people as a team perform specific duties… yes that sounds familiar right? This and amore tips can be found in this infographic, so enjoy!


Tanesha White

How to Survive Dreamforce on a Budget

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