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Auto Industry Outdated

When looking at the title of this blog it made me think a little be I started writing. You can’t really blame the Auto space for it’s slow revolution. You’ve seen in previous posts that Auto is always a step behind most industries. So why is that? When you think about it most have been around for years with the same blood running through it’s veins. Which isn’t bad, but the same thing gets repeated year after year after year. And well, what happens in the outside world (society) as these old business models continue to repeat themselves?
You begin lose touch with how to connect with your evolved market. And well the strong and the adaptable survive. Come on we’ve all been taught evolution in science!
So ask yourself are you willing to adapt or stay the same and hope that the new GEN will conform to you?

Your Diva


Location Based Networks Maybe not So Fun

I came across Trendrr which records social activities and reports them the Ad Age. And it appears that these social platforms aren’t getting the user excitement as predicted. I would call myself an early adopter for sure, but it did take me while to jump in this one. Mainly because, well it’s kind of creepy letting everyone know where you are! Umm can you say stalker paradise!
But, learning that you their should be perks that come along with your check ins and being mayor of places I thought hmmm pretty cool. Well, the funny thing is that it seems like no one really let the businesses in on the game. And well then where is the fun in that? It’s also funny that many business owners don’t even realize the check-ins that are occuring on a daily basis in front of their own eye!
So all I can say is that you need to get on board and get your following quickly!


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