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Infographic of the Week: How many calories can you burn in 10 min?


For those that follow me you know that I typically like to share fitness and health tips throughout the weekend. And I was truly inspired to share this infographic this week because there seems to be so much buzz with fad diets lately and the big New year resolutioners have slowed down going to the gym. Really it comes down to educating yourself point blank if you know what you’re consuming and how much then that is the start to a healthy lifestyle.. NOT a diet. Before you eat that burger think how long and what you have to do to burn it off! In this infographic you can see what just 10 min could do to help contribute to that burn. So get some apps to help motivate and teach you new exercises such as, niketraining (my fav), myfitnesspal, or even get a support group via Facebook or Twitter. Whatever you decide to do be healthy, be fit!

Happy Easter weekend!


Infographic Tanesha White


Infographic of the Week: Does March Madness Increase Employee Morale?


In the heart of March Madness I thought this infographic of the week suited well. There are many things that can boost morale around the office like pot lucks, and Friday’s (of course). With all the buzz of March Madness going on how has it been around the office? Has it been higher in the past and cooled off lately according to these statistics?



Your Digital  Diva, Tanesha White

Infographic Tanesha White

Infographic of the Week: Internet Addiction, Are you an addict?


Everyone has their daily routines. And no, not your morning coffee or early morning run. I have my daily bookmarks I read; the email accounts that I check, along with the profiles I look at on a daily basis. Like me I’m sure there are many people with the same daily routines. But when does it not just become a routine and when can you say that it just might be an addiction? I must admit having a smartphone by my side makes that routine into an almost every 10 minute routine, so I can admit I might just be an addict!  Enjoy this infographic of the week, brought to you by DailyInfographic.



Your Digital Diva, Tanesha White


Infographic Internet addiction

Infographic by Tanesha White

Infographic of the Week: A Day in the Internet, Wow

It amazes me that still in the year 2013 that some small business owners still aren’t convinced that won’t hit their consumers online. As much as we live and die  by our mobile devices and the addictions to our socially connected lives there still seems to be hesitation. Did you know there enough gigabytes of data passed around globally via mobile phones that would fill 9.2 million CD’s everyday? You never realize how big the internet actually is until you see it “literally!” Enjoy the fun facts in my Infographic pic of the week.



Your Digital Diva~ Tanesha



Infographic A day in the internet Tanesha White Digital Strategist

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