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Digital Trends for 2011

Always keep in mind that Automotive is always a few steps behind in adopting technology trends so this is definitely a look into the crystal ball!


It is way too cold outside, it makes my

It is way too cold outside, it makes my fingers hurt just looking out there!

Social Suicide

Hi All,

This is just a quick vent that I need to get off my chest. I feel there are so many companies out there that pray on dealerships lack of knowledge of how to really excute a successfull social media strategy. I have a dealer totally sold on the hot phrase “critical mass” fan base on on Facebook. Which basically is the philosophical or physic bs stasting that, you get enough fans on fb sooner or later you reach the point when people will eventually buy something for you. OMG, what a genious thought……. um NO!
Guys, gals please keep in mind that if you aired a commercial saying that you were giving away free iPads to people for just coming to your dealership and answering a few questions, don’t you think that you’re going to get whole bunch of people to show up? Of course, and yes you have the hopes that someone will buy a car from you too right? Well same thing applies with FB, you’ve just brought those same old fashioned gimmicks to the online world. Congratulations! Please excuse my sarcasm, but someone has to keep it real with you. Online strategies aren’t difficult to understand, just bring it back to the traditional advertising days to get the apples to apples comparison then it will totally make sense.

Your Annoyed Diva


Reviews Make an Impact on Your Ranking

I know you have all had a rush of sales people and vendors out of the wood work that are all singing the song of, brand reputation management. In fact I just had a dealer friend tell that in the past two days he’s had 6 phone calls from different companies about this new buzz word.

Well in reality reputation should have always been important to you as soon as you opened your doors for business. The only difference between back then and today is that they just won’t scream at you and curse everyone of your people to hell and then just disappear. Now the internet has given that person the ability to be heard by millions and that can truly ruin you reputation. So if you don’t have any reviews online, you think it’s ok right? No one is saying anything bad about you so it’s cool?
Not if your the dealer that keeps saying you want to dominate your internet market and you want better SEO and blah blah blah.

Thinks about it, whatever content you post or disseminate across the Internet has the potential to be rated and commented. Major search engines notice when your blog posts, news, videos and articles. All of these can be rated or “liked” and will help with organic ranking.
Plain and Simple
Reveiws Get you Noticed
They are important because they appear in places such as CitySearch, Google places (formerly Google Maps) and Yelp, and they are noticed and read. The more people access them, the more beneficial they are to your rankings. Now that’s massive social proof!
Now it doesn’t just stop there, those companies pounding on your doors just talking about Reputation Management is just giving you another vendor biill to add on to the other 10 vendors you’re most likely using to complete your online strategy. That’s like a doctor giving you a fat loss pill that 100% works and you decide to take half! Well the other half is social networking sites.They can also share tons of this information, that will not only get you more attention but also give you permanent realestate on Google and build a voluminous amount of “social proof” that will get you noticed in your local area. You’ll be building a community that will see you as an important resource and will trust you.
So as we begin to wind down the year, stop thinking of peices of your internet strategy, think about the whole pill and swallow it!
Your Diva

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