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Timeline for Fan Pages and Being Prepared

So are you done griping about the Facebook Timeline? Now you love it right? Personally I love the new layout and it’s got me anticipating on how this will look when they flip the switch for Fan Pages. 

Just think that cool cover, is no longer thumbnails of your most recent pictures. Now you can actually have a BIG professional banner, maybe displaying a big event or something special. Now that wall isn’t just a garble of “stories” Info overload, p.s. thank you for the status ticker FB, yet kind of annoying. With the new timeline layout just think you can choose what story you want to show up big at attention on the left. And not to mention the milestones that you can add in for your company. Are your wheels turning?

Although Facebook has not disclosed when they plan to make the switch for Fan Pages to the timeline format, it never hurts to be prepared!

Get comfortable with your new Timeline format. By comfortable I mean very familiar. Enhance your profile using all the new tools available ie… Life Events (very cool)

Brainstorm on how you would use it to your advantage for your business, like the examples above.

As of right now my list of pros definitely out weigh any minor cons of the new format. Then it makes you wonder about the companies that have had a lot of negative outcomes through out the years, now there’s an interesting Timeline!






Typosquatting Don’t Be Victom

It’s funny that I came across Hubze’s blog post about this just days after something like this happened to me. There are so many scammers out there that take advantage of so many people everyday on the internet. Since the rise of spoof emails years back and still today I’m always very wary of the links I click on, and always pay close attention to the URL it actually takes me too.

Well during my speed typing I was planning on visiting but instead I typed honest mistake, but I saw right away the URL was for a survey site, and these sneaky little programs mirrored Twitter, so I’m sure many people fell for the spoof and ended up paying up from all the text messages racked up because they prompted you to enter a mobile number. 

These Typesquatters take full advantage of popular sites and use similar “typoed” urls to fool you. So be aware of what is displayed in the URL bar not what the site looks like. Just just a word of advice that is valuable to pass onto those that are less internet savvy.


Your Diva:)

My Certificate For the Facebook Summit 2011!

The Facebook Success Summit 2011 was such great seminar! I absolutely enjoyed all the speakers ranging from Marketing Directors from Nationwide companies to authors in the industry. If you didn’t have a chance to catch it you missed out on topics such as: 10 Ways to Bring  the Power of Facebook to your website, and How to Measure Facebook Campaigns.

This was a great way to get insight on how larger companies are utilizing social networks. It would leave me brainstorming on how to scale it down to work for small businesses. Stay tuned for 2012, In this ever changing industry you’ve got to stay in “the know” and these seminars are such a convenient way of doing it!

Short Link Love your Way to Better Tracking

Short links have been around for some time now and since Twitter, and micro blogging obviously don’t seem to be going anywhere short links are a definite must!

But, have you really taken a look at the real importance of short links? So many different providers out there offer these convenient little tools and the best part is that most of them are free. To help you narrow it down go for the ones that aren’t throwing up advertising. To narrow it down even further go with one that offers tracking and analytic tools.

I have found that if you’ve got event specific banners that you can really zoom in how effective it is and when used simoultaneously with your web analytics you can really trim off the “fat” and know what’s really working. URL shortening services even offer social toolbars to help  enhance your business or personal social media efforts. One that I particulary like using is Visibli. Super call and totally customizable with great analytics, well at least for being free. if you want some more advanced tracking simply upgrade to pro.

Well happy marketing!


The A.D

Online Reviews Disclosure Are you Kidding?

Online reviews have definitely changed the way we consumers do business. Now we really don’t have to worry about purchasing products or doing business with a company by taking a shot in the dark. Online reviews has helped us make a more informed buying decision as well as give feedback on our experience with the product or services provided by businesses.

I was listening to talk radio in the car on my way home when a discussion came up about how a dentist was trying to get patients to sign a disclosure saying that they would not be able to post or say anything about him or his practice! I couldn’t believe this guy and listening to the callers who phoned in were with me! It makes you think that, wow is the service really going to be that bad? Not to mention the freedom of speech topic.

Long story short that didn’t fly so well in the legal sense of course. And we all have to face it, no business is going to be perfect. But as a consumer if see that a business or product has hundreds of reviews and small number of negatives it makes you think what that customer did differently to have such an off the wall experience. And in most cases it looks more credible anyway, because we all know no one is perfect.

So just keep building your reputation by offering the best customer service ever and just learn and grow from negative reviews to help you become better!


The A.D

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