Online Spend in Social Networks seeing Significant gain even Automotive

According to a report by, Nielson 17% of all time spent on the internet goes to social networking and blogging sites this past August. Consumers have obviously made a huge change in how the internet has changed.

Of course video and text still rule the overall experience of the web. Obviously the desire to connect or openly express thoughts seems to keep attracting people and continues to grow use.

I came across these cool stats below. You can see that for Aug 09 to Aug 2010 online advertising spend on the most popular social networks grew from $49 mil to $108 mil. Which, makes sense because the percent of share went 9% to 15%.


In particular, advertisers that want to connect with core fan bases, such as movie studios, and now car dealers catching on are allocating more  dollars to online communities like Facebook and MySpace,top-social-networking-site because hello- this is where your target car buyers are hanging out and this is how you keep them engaged!


About Tanesha White

Professional BIo: With over 12 years of experience in the internet industry and the pleasure of working with National companies such as, Lithia Automotive, McDonalds, and Lexus Corp. Tanesha has applied her knowledge and creative thinking to the needs of clients and business owners with two things in mind; helping them understand internet marketing and how to market effectively and consistently show measurable results. Tanesha displays a true understanding of the internet consumers behaviors. By understanding the needs of businesses, she brings a fresh innovative approach to customizing effective online strategies for any industry. White believes that business owners can have all the desire in the world to have the most technologically inclined company in their market, but online marketing, SEO, social media strategy, and website conversion require the ability to understand in order to be successful.

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